Using completion tracking and viewing class and user progress

Completion tracking enables instructors to set the method of completion for an activity and provides progress indicators for students as they complete course activities. Set the default completion method in Content settings using:

Note  Changing an automatically tracked topic to manual completion resets completion tracking for that topic. This means that users might have to return to the topic to mark it complete; users do not need to resubmit files or assessment activities.

Modify the completion tracking method for a topic or module

  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Select one of the following from the topic's completion tracking drop-down list:
  3. Completion tracking options

Set the default completion status for Content

  1. Click Settings in the Content tool.
  2. Select one of the following from the Default Completion Status drop-down list:

Viewing class progress and user progress for Content

You can view general information about completion tracking for all users from the Class Progress page, or you can view a specific user's completion tracking from the Content Progress page. See About User Progress for more information.

Each user's Content Progress page indicates how many visits they make to the Content tool, how much time they spend viewing course material, and how many topics they have visited. Expand the report details under each module to find a further breakdown of a user's actions. The expanded details show all topics and sub-modules within the module, how many visits the user made for each topic, and how much time was spent in each topic. Clicking on the module or topic's name will bring you to that module or topic in the Content tool.


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