Metadata interfaces

There are two interfaces that you can use to enter metadata.

Basic interface  The basic interface presents a simple list of fields grouped into categories. Users cannot specify a language for their values or enter values in multiple languages, nor can they add additional values to a field (although they can configure a view to display a field multiple times in the basic interface, enabling users to enter multiple values).

Advanced interface  The advanced interface enables users to specify their language, enter values in multiple languages, and enter multiple values for some fields. If a view is part of the IEEE LOM family, its fields are displayed as a hierarchy in the advanced editor.

Change your interface

On the Edit Metadata page for the module or topic you want to modify, select the interface you want to use from the Edit Mode drop-down list in the Edit Metadata Record section.

Note  Some views might not be available in the advanced interface.

Setting metadata interface preferences

Set your metadata interface preferences to control which interface appears by default when editing metadata, as well as how categories appear in the basic interface.

Set metadata interface preferences

  1. Click Account Settings from your personal menu on the minibar.
  2. Click the Metadata tab.
  3. Set your metadata preference options.
  4. Click Save and Close.

Metadata preferences

Option Description
Default Interface Which interface, Advanced or Basic, appears by default when you edit metadata.
Basic Interface Display When you enable the basic interface, this option controls when you see all of the fields in every category (Expand all Categories) or only the category names (Collapse all Categories) by default.

If you choose Collapse all Categories, you can select Display first category expanded to show the fields in the first category by default.


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