I received a message saying that I'm over quota. How can I fix this?

If you receive a message saying that you are over quota it is because the e-mail messages you currently have in the eMarq system add up to more than 25 gigabytes.

Your eMarq account can go over quota as a result of very large attachments, or because of a great number of messages, or a combination of both. The only solution is to delete some of the messages.

Sometimes it is not apparent where the excess space is being used, especially if your Inbox is empty or nearly empty. One place to look is your Sent Messages folder. Many people accumulate hundreds of messages here without realizing it. Another common culprit is the Deleted Items folder. Sometimes your email program can utilize this folder as merely a storage place, waiting for you to give the final word to delete the items inside. Make sure your Deleted Items folder is empty.

If you have done these things and you are still over quota you might find it useful to look for large attachments in your remaining messages. Once these attachments are downloaded to your personal computer there is usually no need to keep the original message on eMarq.

If you still need help managing your email quota, please call the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799.


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