Note: Instructions for your device may vary slightly.

  1. On Start, flick left to the App list or tap the arrow (top right).

    Flick left or tap arrow top right.

    2. Tap Settings.

    Tap Settings.

    3. Tap email & accounts.

    Tap email & accounts.

    4. Tap add an account.

    Tap add an account.

    5. Tap Outlook.

    Tap Outlook

    6. Tap the Email address box, and then enter your eMarq email address.
    7. Tap the Password box, and then type your eMarq password.
    8. Tap sign in.

    Enter eMarq username, password and touch sign in.

    Result: The setup process will show the message "Check your information and try again."
    9. Tap the User name box, and then type your eMarq user name.
    10. Tap the Domain box, and then type marqnet.
    11. Tap sign in.
    Result: Outlook will show up in the account list and will show the message "Syncing..." for a few moments, until the contact, calendar, and email information has been synced from Exchange.
    12. On the home screen, tap Outlook. (If you are not on the home screen, flick left to the App list, scroll down and select Outlook).

    Click Outlook.
    Result: Outlook will show the message "Downloading messages. This might take a few minutes..." until your emails have been downloaded.

For more information, contact the IT Services Help Desk.


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