Q: How will I access the new email and calendar?

A: You can use a Web browser, Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices to reach your new email and calendar account in the cloud. Be sure to login with your Marquette.edu email address (e.g., firstname.lastname@marquette.edu) as your username. Note: For other logins, such as CheckMarq, D2L or MyJob, keep using your Marquette username (e.g., 1234eagle or eagleg), not the email address.

Q: What will be my mailbox size in the cloud?

A: Your mailbox size will increase to 50 gigabytes — up from 2.5 gigabytes for students and 6 gigabytes for faculty and staff.

Q: What will be the attachment size limit?

A: The attachment size limit will increase to 150MB (35MB for Macs).

Q: How do I get email set up with Outlook?

A: The first time you access Outlook after the move you'll be prompted just once to login with your Marquette email address and current password. Then you'll restart Outlook to access your account. See switching instructions for Windows or Mac.

Q: As part of my job, I have access to other mailboxes and calendars via Outlook. What should I expect during the migration?

A: If you are set up with access to other people's mailboxes and calendars, you will see prompts from Microsoft Outlook during migration. As each person that you have account access to migrates, you will see this notice in Outlook:

Quit and restart Outlook

If you see this prompt, click OK, then be sure to quit and restart Outlook each time you see the prompt.

Q: How do I get email to work on my mobile device?

A: See setup instructions.

Q: Why are we making this change?

A: The move to the cloud will provide larger quotas, better accessibility, more advanced security, as well as newer features than can be provided if these services were hosted by Marquette.

Q: What are Office 365 Groups?

A: An Office 365 Group is a new feature allowing collaboration with others when writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on plans, scheduling meetings, or sending email. You will access your Office 365 group in Outlook or via the Web.

Q: How will this affect departmental/shared mailboxes?

A: Shared mailboxes for departments will also move to the cloud.

Additional Questions?

Please contact the IT Services Help Desk for questions.

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