You will receive an email when your SharePoint site has been migrated asking you to validate the migration. Open your current site in one browser tab and the migrated site in a another browser tab to help compare the two.

SharePoint Migration Testing Checklist

  1. If you have subsites for your SharePoint site, did all subsites migrate to the new site?

  2. Did all of your folders and documents migrate to the new site?

    NOTE: Very recent changes to your current site may not be reflected in the migrated site. Those very recent updates will migrate during Step 4: Incremental Migration.

  3. Did all users migrate to the new site?

  4. Do all web parts (e.g., Announcements web part, Image web part, Tasks web part, Links web part) appear on the new site's home page?

  5. If you use a site calendar, did all the items migrate to the new site?

  6. If you use a discussion board, did all discussions migrate to the new site?

  7. Are the access permissions correct for your new site?

  8. Do you use the Notebook on your SharePoint site? If so, you will see an error on the new site. If your Notebook has content you need, raise it as an issue, as described in the migration testing email, and IT Services will manually fix the notebook after migration. The Notebook error is not cause for rejecting your migrated site.

  9. Do you see any error messages on the migrated site as you navigate?

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