You just pick up the phone and dial, right? Well, yes, but there are a few things to remember about using your campus phone.

On-Campus Calls

If you are on campus, you dial five-digit extension numbers. Extensions beginning with an 8 denote administrative/faculty numbers. Extensions starting with 4 are student numbers. Extensions starting with 3 indicate non-direct extensions (e.g. for elevator phones or phones in residence hall lobbies).

Off-Campus Local Calls

Dial 9, listen for second dial tone, then dial desired number.

Direct Dial Long Distance Calls

Dial 9 + 1 + Area Code + seven digit number.

Direct Dial International Calls

Dial 9 + 011 + Country Code + City Code + local number.

Operator Assisted or Automated Calls

(Calling Card, Collect, Third Party) Dial 9 + 0 + Area Code + seven digit number, follow the audible prompts. Operator-assisted calls incur additional costs.

Transfer a call

Press XFER (transfer) button (caller is placed on temporary hold) ... dial number ... announce call in privacy ... hang up. If the third party does not answer or the line is busy, press CNCT (connect) once to be reconnected to the original party.

Consult privately

To talk privately with a third party ... press and release XFER (transfer) button (first call is placed on temporary hold) ... dial number ... converse ... when conversation is completed and third party hangs up, press CNCT (connect) and original call is connected.

Conference Calling

Press XFER (transfer) button (first call is temporarily on hold). Dial internal or external number ... announce conference ... press CONF (conference) or XFER again to begin conference call. Repeat this process to add additional parties up to eight.

Call Hold

Press HOLD button.

Reconnect to Held Call

Press your extension button (this is the button that lights up when your phone is active and lists your phone extension).

Call Forwarding

To have all incoming calls ring at a different extension immediately ... dial #91 (or get a dial tone then press the FWD button) ... dial internal or external number ... hang up ... (extension light will blink rapidly). All your calls will be forwarded. Note: if call forwarding is active and you receive a call, you will be notified by a ring that your call has been forwarded. To forward your 8-XXXX extension to your Unified Messaging mailbox, dial #91 or press FWD button and then dial 7-XXXX (with XXXX being the last four digits of your extension.)

Cancel Call Forwarding

Dial ##91 ... hang up (extension light will go off). Calls will now ring at your phone.

Speed Dialing

To set a speed dial code, press the SPDI (speed dial) button or get a dial tone and dial ##3. Choose a single digit (0-9) for your speed code. Enter the dialing sequence then hang up.

To make a speed call press the SPDI (speed dial) button or get a dial tone and dial #3. Dial the speed code 0 through 9 to reach frequently called numbers.

Telephone Repair, Additions, Deletions or Moves
Call the Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 (8-7799 on campus) and provide detailed information.



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