Between June 29th, 2010 and July 1st, 2010 your US Cellular voice mail service will be upgraded to the new platform. You may have already received a text message giving you the exact date of the upgrade for your particular number. After you have been upgraded, when you access your voicemail, the system will automatically prompt you to setup your new voicemail box.

What do you have to do?
Between June 29th and July 1st a new US Cellular voice mailbox will automatically be created for you. You will need to set up the new voice mailbox and create a new password the first time you use it.

To set up your US Cellular voice mailbox.

  1. First, access your mailbox by dialing *86 on your wireless phone, then press Send
  2. Follow these prompts to set up your Voice Mail box:

    1. Choose English or Spanish as your language preference
    2. Set your 4-10 digit password The new system doesn't allow easy-to-guess passwords including repeated digits, consecutive digits or ascending or descending even/odd numbers
    3. Record your voice signature
    4. Record or select your greeting

Note: After your new voice mailbox has been created, you will still able to access your former voice mailbox by pressing “7” while in the main menu. This legacy mailbox and its messages will be available for 14 days after your mailbox has been converted. Any messages housed within the legacy (old) US Cellular voice mail system will be deleted after 14 days.

Using your new US Cellular voice mailbox
When you have completed the main setup, you can access your voice mailbox.

  1. Call into the voice mail system using either of these methods:

    From your wireless phone: Dial *86 or your 10-digit phone number then press Send.

    From any other phone: Dial your wireless phone number, interrupt your greeting by pressing the * key
  2. Follow the prompts to enter your password or start using your mailbox.

If you have questions, please contact the Help Desk.



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