For Departments and Faculty: Using Adobe Contribute

Need to make a website? Adobe Contribute makes it easy. (Note: Faculty should consider D2L for building course Web sites.) To order Contribute, please see Getting Adobe software.

Need help getting started with your university site? Visit the Interactive Marketing website.

D2L eLearning

Faculty seeking to put course information online should consider D2L, a Web-based tool which supports online education.

University Web Sites

As mentioned above, IT Services recommends Adobe Contribute for light web authoring and maintenance. However, if you are an advanced user seeking to design pages, Adobe Dreamweaver (part of an Adobe Creative Cloud annual subscription) might be better suited for your skills. Keep in mind that Dreamweaver users are expected to seek out training and support outside of IT Services.

Note for select users who code in PHP
PHP is a Web scripting language used by a few sites on the Marquette Web server. IT Services requires new or revised PHP application code to be tested and approved before it will operate on the Web server.

Other Services for University Web Sites:

Student Organizations on the Web

Student organizations use Marquette Involvement Link profiles as their primary web presence.


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