Marquette University recently purchased the Qualtrics survey system. Going forward, the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (OIRA) and the Qualtrics vendor will be supporting Qualtrics surveys. In light of the Qualtrics purchase, the Opinio survey system will be phased out. No new surveys will be created in Opinio.

See OIRA's Qualtrics page for creating new surveys.

Also, Opinio survey authors have until Nov. 1, 2016 to download survey instruments, survey data and survey respondents. After that date, all data will be deleted. Learn how to download Opinio data.

Surveys Requiring Approval

Surveys going to Marquette audiences may require approval from the university's Online Survey Review Group before IT Services can issue a login.

In addition, academic research surveys require IRB review. Academic researchers will need to forward the IRB approval/exemption letter (an email attachment) before IT Services can issue a login.


Login to Opinio using a unique username and password given to you by IT Services.

ObjectPlanet (the maker of Opinio) also offers some tutorials on their website.

Choosing the Privacy Level

Checklist before publishing your survey

  1. Did you use the preview survey function to test the survey (especially if you use question branching)?
  2. Did you use page breaks (with perhaps up to six questions per page) to make the survey easier to take?
  3. When previewing the survey, did you enter at least 256 characters of sample text into comment boxes?
  4. Is the survey available for responses? (Green light shows it's available)
  5. Are the start and stop dates for your survey correct?
  6. Did you delete all test responses?
  7. Do you want the respondent to submit the survey only once or multiple times?
  8. If using Opinio for e-mailing invitations, did you send a test invitation to yourself and some testing volunteers? It is strongly recommended that invitations are sent as 'Text Only' (as opposed to HTML).
  9. Do you need to track the identity of your respondents? If so, make sure you are using Opinio to send emails. Be sure to turn on survey authentication and set Anonymity to "No anonymity" (unless the survey is confidential). Alternatively, if your audience is Marquette students, faculty or staff, Opinio can use an eMarq login to store respondent identity.
  10. If you select Fully Anonymous, did you advise survey takers to complete the survey in one sitting? With full anonymity enabled, a respondent who partly completes the survey and closes the browser cannot return to complete the survey. Suggested text for the invitation: "IMPORTANT: You must complete the survey in a single sitting. If you leave your web browser with an incomplete survey response, you will not able to complete the survey later."
  11. Did you reload your survey and check for problematic text? Some text characters, like smart quotes or curly apostrophes, work temporarily in Opinio. However, these characters are problematic on web-based applications and will turn into upside-down question marks or other odd characters. To make sure you do not have these problem characters, from you survey home page (the 'stoplight' page), click Survey Setup and click Reload Survey. Then check your survey text and invitations for any problematic characters. Use the Quick Question Edit feature (under Look and Feel) to edit all your questions and responses at once.
  12. If using Opinio to email your invitations, make sure your survey invitations are active. Even if the survey is active, if invitations are not activated, email invitations will not go out.


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