Time Warner Cable Road Runner for Marquette Faculty and Staff

Marquette University has negotiated an employee discount for Time Warner Cable high-speed Internet. Note: This $32 per month discount is just for Time Warner Cable Road Runner Internet access. We do not offer any cable discounts.

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Q: What is Road Runner?
A: Road Runner for Marquette is a non-wireless 7mbs basic high-speed online service delivered over Time Warner Cable's lines. For more information about Road Runner, visit the Road Runner Help site.
Q: How much does Road Runner cost through Marquette?
A: There are no hidden fees or charges for Road Runner through Marquette. You will never receive a bill from Time Warner Cable for your Road Runner. Each month you will see a $32 deduction from your Paycheck if you are paid monthly or a $16 dollar deduction if you are paid Bi-weekly. Please keep in mind that this number may fluctuate up or down for your first deduction depending on when your installation is scheduled and your payroll schedule. Please call Union Station in the AMU at (414) 288-2273 if you have any questions.
Q: How do I sign up?
A: Complete the Road Runner Subscription Application form and drop it off at Union Station, AMU Room 158. It will take Time Warner Cable approximately ten business days from the submittal of your application to email you your installation date and time. Once the university has been notified by TWC of your installation completion, the charges will be deducted from your payroll account. The charge of your first deduction may vary depending on when you are installed and the payroll schedule you follow.
Q: Who do I call if I need help?
  • For questions related to sign-up, installation and billing, contact Union Station at (414) 288-2273.
  • For all other technical questions, contact Time Warner Cable - Road Runner at (877) 947-7892 or via the Road Runner Help site.
Q: Is there a package available to purchase Road Runner and cable TV services through payroll deduction?
A: No, this is not available. If you are interested in signing up for cable you may do so directly through Time Warner Cable and still sign up for Road Runner through the university, you would just receive a separate monthly billing statement directly from TWC for the cable services, taxes, and fees.
Q: I already have Road Runner at home. Can I switch?
A: Yes. Just indicate that you are a current Road Runner subscriber on the Road Runner Subscription Application form. Please keep in mind that the Marquette discount is for the non-wireless 7mbs speed and will not be applicable to any current Turbo subscription, wireless subscription, and may affect the cost of any other services you have. Please make sure you call Time Warner Cable directly to see how switching to the Marquette discount will affect your current services.
Q: I already have cable. Can I install Road Runner myself?
A: Yes. Self-install kits are available. Submit the Road Runner Subscription Application form at Union Station. Once your subscription has been processed by Time Warner Cable, you can pick up a self-install kit at any Time Warner Cable location.
Q: I would like to connect more than one computer at my home. Is this possible?
A: Yes. See Road Runner's FAQ for further details.
Q: Do I have to have cable from Time Warner Cable to get Road Runner?
A: No. You can purchase Road Runner service without any cable service. If you currently have cable from Time Warner Cable or plan to get it, that bill will be sent from Time Warner Cable and all questions and concerns will be handled by them.
Q: Is Road Runner available where I live?
A: Check out the Roadrunner Availability page on Time Warner Cable's web site.
Q: So I fill out the form and send it in. Then what?
A: Time Warner will contact you to schedule the installation. Installation is included in the monthly cost, as is the cable modem rental.
Q: How do I connect my computer to Road Runner?
A: You will need a network card, which is a common feature on most newer computers. If you do not have one you can visit any area computer or electronics store and purchase one. Just let the salesperson know that you are getting Road Runner service and need to buy a network card.

You can also purchase a network card from Time Warner Cable when they come to install Road Runner.

Q: What should I do if I'm moving or transferring my account to a new name?
A: Complete the Transfer of Service form and submit it at Union Station.
Q: What if I need to cancel service?
A: Complete the Cancellation of Service form and submit it at Union Station.
Q: If I didn't sign up at Benefit Information Day, can I sign up now?
A: Yes! You can sign up for Road Runner service anytime. Just print the subscription form, complete and sign it, and drop it off at Union Station. When you sign up, you agree to keep the service for one year. If you experience a significant life event (marriage, birth of child, adoption, death, divorce, etc.) you may be able to cancel your Road Runner service.
Q: Will subscribers have access to electronic resources restricted to campus?
A: Yes. With the use of Marquette VPN (Virtual Private Network) client Marquette University Road Runner subscribers will be able to access electronic resources restricted to on-campus use.


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