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IMPORTANT NOTE: All Marquette faculty and staff should be using the MU_Admin wireless connection NOT the MU_Wireless. The MU_Admin wireless connection secures all data and information that travels through the wireless network, the MU_Wireless connection does not. It is of the utmost importance to use the MU_Admin wireless connection if you are working with sensitive or critical Marquette information. Examples of sensitive and critical information include all information identifiable to an individual (including students, staff, faculty, trustees, donors, and alumni), University proprietary information, and information that is regulated by federal, state, and/or local government (e.g., FERPA, HIPAA).

Special Note: This document refers to configuration for Windows 2000 SP4 only. Faculty & Staff should refer to the Windows XP document to connect to MU_Admin.

The examples in this document were created using a D-Link wireless adapter. Your wireless adapter configuration tool will be similar in the way it connects to the network as that shown here.

Update and Patch your system

  1. Update your system software. Go to to check for and install any needed system updates.
  2. Configuring Your Wireless Connection for Windows

    Open the configuration tool for your wireless adapter. Generally, there will be an icon in your Windows task bar in a location similar to that shown here. Double-click on the icon to open the configuration tool.

  3. Locate available wireless networks

    The configuration tool for your wireless card should have a section similar to that shown here in which you can scan for available networks. The available networks generally are listed in order of signal strength, with the strongest signal listed at the top. Locate the first instance of MU_Wireless and, as in this example, connect to the network.

  4. Configure a profile

    You may be prompted to create a wireless profile. This is so your wireless cards knows that MU_Wireless is one of your preferred networks and will attempt to connect when it is available. MU_Wireless supports both 802.11b and 802.11g, uses Infrastructure as its wireless mode and currently uses no encryption. Configure your profile settings similar to what is shown here.

  5. Authenticate to the wireless network

    Launch Internet Explorer. You may be prompted with a security alert similar to that which is shown here. Click Yes to continue.

  6. Connecting

    After the security alert has been accepted, Internet Explorer will present a page that looks like the one shown here. Enter your CheckMarq username and password and then click Submit to finalize your connection to MU_Wireless.



You will see a browser popup that looks like the one shown here. This will be used when you are ready to disconnect from the MU_Wireless network. You may minimize this window until you are ready to logout.

Please contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 for any needed assistance.

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