IT Services has upgraded CheckMarq, Marquette’s student information system. This upgrade adds navigation changes and grid display options, but it will not significantly change the way you use CheckMarq.

Encountering errors in CheckMarq? Clear the browser cache - PDF

New Navigation Ribbon

You can use the new ribbon to navigate CheckMarq (or keep navigating the way you do now).

New navigation ribbon

Click Main Menu to open the menu. Place your cursor over menu items such as Self Service to expand the Self Service menu.

Self Service menu.

New Favorites Menu

The Favorites menu on the ribbon shows the five most recently viewed pages. This allows you to quickly return to a page that you have recently visited.
Click favorites to reveal the Favorites menu.

Also, when you access frequently used CheckMarq pages, you can add them to your “My Favorites.”

New Navigation Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs appear at the top of the page.

The ribbon’s navigation breadcrumbs display a trail of sequential links showing how you reached a CheckMarq page, making it easy to return to previous pages. Click any of the breadcrumb links to expand the drop-down menu at that level and then navigate to a different page.

New Grid Options

Customize and improve the display of the grid. Navigate to a grid and click to modify.

Click to customize the grid.

A window opens allowing you to change the column order, the sort order, or hide or freeze columns.

Change column order, sort order, hide or freeze columns.

Processing and Saved Icons

When you make a change and CheckMarq is saving it, you will see a different processing indicator.

You will no longer see this image: Processing.

Instead, you will see this icon for processing timer

and this icon when complete Saved..

For more information about the CheckMarq upgrade, contact the IT Service Help Desk at (414) 288-7799.