Dr. Pilar Beliver
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Associate Professor of Spanish

I have a B.A. in English from the University of Valencia, where I was born and raised. At the university I was fortunate enough to take some classes from a professor who had a deep and sympathetic knowledge of North American literature and who encouraged me to come to the United States and pursue a Masters degree, which I completed at West Virginia University. There I became a T.A. in Spanish and I specialized in Comparative Literature, with an emphasis on Latin American and Anglo-American literature. Soon I began to see, and become more fascinated with, the commonalities between these two literary and cultural traditions. After my Masters I decided to continue my studies and pursue a doctorate in Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, focusing on where Latin America intersected with North America: in the works of immigrant and Hispanic writers living in the United States.

Since my graduation, and before joining Marquette, I have worked as a lecturer at the University of Texas in Austin, where I coordinated the First Semester Spanish program, as Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of UW Madison, and as adjunct professor at the universities of Castellón and Valencia in Spain. I have taught a variety of language, culture, and literature courses, including language and literature courses for Heritage Speakers that touch on issues of cultural identity and multiculturalism in the USA. The literary and cultural areas of contact between the US and Latin American continue to fascinate me. My current research focuses on one of the most complex regions of the Hispanic world, the US-Mexico border, and on the ways border life and an emerging border identity are being poeticized in the literature of the Mexican writers who grew up and live in this region.

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