Sarah Gendron
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Associate Professor of French

I teach courses that range from language instruction to literature classes related to French and Francophone studies. My area of specialization is 20th century French literature and philosophy. Within this domain, I have taught courses on 20th (and 21st.) century French literature and literary theory, French Holocaust studies, Francophone representations of genocide, and visual and textual art about Rwanda.

My research interests correspond closely to those of my teaching. My recently published Repetition, Difference, and Knowledge (2008), examines interactions between 20th century French literature and literary theory (specifically, post-structuralist theory). Although it begins with an exploration of how repetition has evolved in Western philosophical thought over time, this book focuses on the way in which certain writers and philosophers—in particular Samuel Beckett, Jacques Derrida, and Gilles Deleuze—employ repetition as a means with which to question some of the most fundamental notions of Western thought, among them the idea of truth, being, time, and presence. While still engaging with contemporary literature and literary theory, my current research has broadened to include visual representation and aesthetic theory. Tentatively entitled The Horror: Representations of Genocide, this book project examines the literature and art of/about genocide (the Holocaust, Cambodia, Rwanda).

I am also proud to be involved with students and colleagues in the planning and presentation of the Foreign Film Festival at Marquette University, created in 2006.

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Sabbatical until Fall 2013


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