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Here are a few comments from our graduates through the years about their experience at Marquette:

”The graduate program for Spanish Literature at Marquette played an integral role in my career. As a graduate teaching assistant I received superior pedagogical instruction and guidance along with the requisite experience to be a language instructor. The graduate courses helped to broaden my thinking and perspectives while providing me with a solid education in Spanish literature and language.”

“There is no doubt that the graduate program in Spanish at Marquette contributed to the professional success I have experienced. The program was both academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating. I feel that I personally benefited from the size of the program and the individual attention from the professors. Upon finishing my degree at Marquette, I was well-prepared and excited to begin a doctoral program in Spanish. I am grateful to the professors and to their dedication, encouragement, and instruction. They served, and continue to serve, as professional role models for me.”

“I always wanted to be a teacher, but an English teacher. When I started my M.A. program at Marquette, I did it with the intention of taking as many English classes as I could. However, when I started taking classes in South American Literature, I fell in love with it, and never took another English class. My professors at Marquette were inspiring and dedicated; they knew their material, they loved it and that made us, the students, love it too. Even though I never took any education classes at Marquette, I learned how to be a teacher from some of those professors; they were role models for me, and still today I try to emulate them when I teach.”

“The Marquette graduate program provided me with the intellectual tools to help complete my academic development. Marquette's cura personalis has really influenced my philosophy on teaching and I am fully dedicated to passing on that knowledge and sense of caring for others to all my students.”

“I completed my Master’s in Spanish at Marquette […] and had the opportunity to experience first hand the impact that the faculty in the Foreign Language Department had on their graduate students. We were treated as individuals whose personal goals were as important to the department as they were for us. My graduate advisor had many years of experience and the advice he gave me was consistently timely and valuable. The level of commitment that I received from the faculty, as well as what I learned during those two years convinced me that I wanted to give back [….]. I have been teaching […] for eleven years now thanks to the graduate program in Spanish that Marquette offers and have never regretted my decision to come to Marquette to study.”

“I attribute much of my success as a Spanish teacher to my Graduate studies in the Department of Foreign Language and Literature at Marquette University. The dedication of many talented professors in this program inspired me to become a lifelong learner of literary theory, history, politics, culture, philosophy, linguistics and social justice. Most importantly, I was invited to be part of a community larger than myself. Through superior coursework and lectures my professors conveyed to me that excellence was as much in knowledge as in action. As an educator the philosophy of global community development and larger mission is at the core of my language education methodology.”



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