Dr. Jean-Pierre Lafouge
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Associate Professor Emeritus, December 2014
Ph.D. Indiana University, 1986

Born in Champagne, France, I studied philosophy at the University of Nancy [Master Degree in Philosophy] and taught Philosophy in several lycées in France from 1962-1976, and French and Philosophy in Morocco from 1968 to 1970. From 1976 to 1982, after having gotten a master degree in career and psychology advising, I worked as a "conseiller d'orientation scolaire et professionnel" [career advisor], in various locations in France, and then became director of the CIO of Savigny-sur-Orge, south of Paris. My academic career took me to the United States where I obtained a Ph.D. in French literature in 1986 from Indiana University, specializing in Nineteenth and Seventeen century French, Orientalist and spiritual Literature.

I am the author of a number of articles dealing with the relationship between Art, Orientalism, Philosophy, Spirituality and Literature. I have published or edited 3 books:

a) a book on Eugène Fromentin, Etude sur L'orientalisme d'Eugène Fromentin dans ses "Récits Algériens",

b) a translation of Charles Eastman's book "The Indian Soul", L'Âme indienne,

c) an anthology on Jesuit spirituality of the XVIIth and XIXth centuries, For God's Greater Glory: Gems of Jesuit Spirituality,

d) and I worked, the last ten years, on the revision of French to English translations of the writings of a Swiss philosopher, artist and poet of the XXth century (about 20 books and many letters).

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