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Chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures,

Professor of Spanish

Inspired by my love for languages and literature, and after having studied mostly Spanish, but also French, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic, I taught both high school and college Spanish on the West Coast before being attracted to Marquette in 1981 by its promising language department and its flourishing Madrid program. Since then, I have had the opportunity to teach almost every level of Spanish language and literature at Marquette, the privilege of interacting with and benefiting from several generations of MU students, and also the opportunity to live in Madrid and direct our program there on several occasions.

While at Marquette, I also have had the time and opportunity to pursue my research interests, in both contemporary Spanish women’s poetry and Spanish Renaissance literature, and my publications include a book of translation of well-known Spanish poet Clara Janés and multiple articles on Spanish women’s poetry and Renaissance drama and poetry. In 2011 I published a lengthy introduction to the work of Janés accompanied by a translation of an autobiographical poetic prose work of hers, La voz de Ofelia.

Ophelia's Voice

In 2015 I co-edited (with John Pustejovsky) and published: "And Have You Changed Your Life?" The Challenge of Listening to the Spiritual in Contemporary Poetry, Marquette University Press, 2015.

I am currently in my second term as department chair and also involved in university affairs at many levels. I look forward to an active role in both the Academic Senate and the University Leadership Council.

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