Strategic Plan, 2012-2015 - Teaching and Learning

  Teaching and Learning

Develop services that improve the user experience and transform student learning.

Raynor Memorial Libraries plays a critical role in the student learning experience on campus. By providing essential information literacy instruction to individuals and courses, the Libraries will enhance the ability of students, staff, and faculty to understand and use information effectively. Through the use of multiple strategies, we seek to educate, advocate and promote the Library's value.

Strategic Priorities

  • Seek new opportunities to collaborate on research and teaching
  • Develop and support information-literate learners who can discover, access, and use information
  • Use current and emerging technologies to deliver information and services to our users
  • Enhance campus awareness of library services, programs, facilities and resources

2014 - 2015 Objectives

  • Evaluate library learning spaces
    • Implement a new and efficient model for meeting students’ digital media needs
    • Develop a plan to assess use of general study space, including technology use of group study rooms, and make recommendations
  • Collaborate with faculty on teaching and research projects
    • Increase the number of courses that incorporate unique library holdings in the classroom (e.g. special collections and archives)
    • Support digital scholarship on campus through grants and projects
    • Assess student learning in selected library sessions (e.g. Assessment in Action project)
  • Expand information literacy instruction into new areas
    • Develop new learning objects for large, introductory courses