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Spring issue = February to April; Summer issue = July to August; Autumn issue = August to October; Winter issue = November to February; 40th Anniversary Number = May, 1944
Dakota [Lakota, Sioux, Brul, Oglala, Hunkpapa, Sincangu, Sans Arc, Santee, Sisseton, Wahpeton] Indians
April 1913, Pg. 1, “Hollow Horn Bear,” Staff
December 1913, Pgs. 3-4, “A Relic of Father De Smet,” Reverend Henry I. Westropp, S.J.
October, 1917, Pg. 1, “Successful Indian Congress,” Staff
August, 1918, Pg. 4, “Father Quinn Attends Indian Congress,” Reverend William Quinn
October, 1919, Pg. 1, “Catholic Sioux Congress,” Staff
October, 1920, Pg. 3, “New “Medicine Man” At St. Paul’s Mission,” Reverend Sylvester Eiseman, O.S.B.
July, 1921, Pgs. 1-2, “Forty-Nine Years At The Indian Missions-Fr. Jerome Hunt,” Staff
December, 1921, Pg. 2-3, “Marquette League Members Send…To Father Gerome,” Staff
February, 1924, Pg. 2-3, “The Faith Of Red Hill,” Theodore Henry, S.J.
July, 1928, Pg. 2, “The Log Of The Humble Sioux,” Reverend Leo Cunningham, S.J.
July, 1929, Pg. 3, “Mailbox: Buffalo Trees,” Reverend  Leo Cunningham, S.J.
February, 1930, Pg. 2, “The Lazy Indian-Myth,” Reverend Eugene Buechel, S.J.

Series 4
Index to The Calumet

Dakota [Lakota, Sioux, Brul, Oglala, Hunkpapa, Sincangu, Sans Arc, Santee, Sisseton, Wahpeton] Indians, continued
July, 1934, Pg. 2, “Fills-the-Pipe Entertains,” Reverend Floyd A. Brey S.J. 
July, 1936, Pg. 1, “Golden Jubilee of St. Francis Mission,” Staff
February, 1938, Pg. 6, “Lucy of Lucytown,” Mrs. Swift Hawk
May, 1938, Pg. 9, “South Dakota Bids Us Welcome,” A Lady of Loretta
October, 1939, Pg. 6, “Indian Congress Held on Sioux Reservation,” Reverend Edward Berheide, O.S.B. 
July, 1940, Pg. 1, “Bishop Brady Of Sioux Falls Dedicates Marquette League Chapel,” Staff
February, 1941, Pg. 8, “Crazy Thunder’s Christmas,” John M. Scott, S.J.
October, 1941, Pg. 6, “Hocina Pesto “Passes,” Staff
October, 1941, Pg. 9, “Four Visitors to New York,” Staff
May, 1942, Pg. 10, “Three Sioux Boys Visit New York,” Staff
November, 1943, Pgs. 12-13, “Christmas among the Sioux,” Staff

Series 4
Index to The Calumet

Dakota [Lakota, Sioux, Brul, Oglala, Hunkpapa, Sincangu, Sans Arc, Santee, Sisseton, Wahpeton] Indians, continued
February, 1944, Pg. 3, “A glimpse into primitive life,” Northern Lights
May, 1944, Pgs. 16-17, “The True Faith versus Paganism,” Reverend Joseph A. Zimmerman, S.J. 
November, 1944, Pgs. 6-7, “Interesting Sioux Customs,” Reverend Joseph A. Zimmerman, S.J. 
May, 1946, Pgs. 8-9, “Peyote is a problem,” William J. Moore, S.J.
August, 1946, Pgs. 19-20, “The Sioux and Baseball,” Edward J. Laskowski, S.J.
February, 1947, Pg. 14, “The Forgotten Man,” Reverend  Ildephonse Kreidler, O.S.B. 
May, 1947, Pgs. 16-17, “Religion and Morals Among the Sioux,” Reverend Louis J. Goll, S.J.
August, 1947, Pgs. 8-9, “Lone Eagle Remembers,” John M. Scott, S.J.
August, 1947, Pg. 16, “Territory of the Sioux,” Reverend Louis J. Goll, S.J. 
November, 1947, Pg. 12-13, “Social Conditions,” Reverend Louis J. Goll, S.J. 
February, 1948, Pgs. 12-13, “Custer and the Teton Sioux,” Reverend Louis J. Goll, S.J. 

Series 4
Index to The Calumet

Dakota [Lakota, Sioux, Brul, Oglala, Hunkpapa, Sincangu, Sans Arc, Santee, Sisseton, Wahpeton] Indians, continued
November, 1949, Pgs. 14-15, “Sioux Congress,” John F. Bryde, S.J.
May, 1950, Pgs. 6-7, “Albert Long Soldier,” Will Spindler
May, 1950, Pgs. 18-19, “Sioux Indians Play Indian,” F.G. Stobie, S.J.
August, 1950, Pgs. 6-9, “Trail Blazers,” Sister M. Claudia Duratschek, O.S.B.
November, 1950, Pgs. 14-15, “Sioux Congress at Marty,” Staff
May, 1952, Pgs. 8-9, “The Sioux’s Way of Life,” Robert M. Demeyer, S.J.
February, 1953, Pg. 11, “An Oration by Sitting Bull,” Sitting Bull
February, 1953, Pgs. 12-14, “Red Cloud Dreams Again,” John M. Scott, S.J.
February, 1953, Pgs. 15-17, “What the Sioux Taught Me,” Mari Sandoz
November, 1954, Pgs. 3-6, “Wanderers between Two Worlds,” Charles L. McHarness
August, 1957, Pgs. 6-7, Tatanka Toys,” Staff

Series 4
Index to The Calumet

November 1914, Pg. 4, “Father Forget’s Urgent Call For Help (Siletz Reservation,) Louis Forget, P.S.M.

November 1914, Pg. 4, “A Practical and Sure Way to Combat the Menace (Crow Creek Reservation),” Reverend Ambrose Mattingly, O.S.B.

Christmas 1914, Pg. 2, “Practical Charity of The Alumnae of Chestnut Hill,” Reverend Bonaventure Oblasser, O.F.M., and  Reverend Tiburtius Wand, O.F.M.  
July 1915. Pg. 3, “Chalices of Gold-Fr. Maurus Feustenber, O.S.B.,” Staff
July 1915, Pg. 3, “Christmas 1914 (Mescalero NM, Lapwai, Idaho, St. Joseph’s School, Oneida, WI),” Staff
Christmas 1916, Pg. 1, A Way To Make Christmas Happy,” Staff
July, 1917, Pg. 3, “Gift’s By Will,” Staff
July, 1919, Pgs. 1-2, “Staking The Mission Priest,” Reverend William Quinn
May, 1929, Pg. 1, “Fifty-four Wood Stoves at St. Catherine Mission, Santa Fe,” Mother M. Stanislaus
July, 1929, Pg. 1, “Warm Hearts Insure Warm Bodies For Children at St. Catherine’s,” Mother M. Stanislaus
May, 1930, Pg. 3, “What a Car Means to the Missionary,” Reverend Felix L. Geis

Series 4
Index to The Calumet

Donations/Needs, continued
February, 1931, Pg. 3, “Mail Bag: Thought Car His Greatest Need,” Fidelis Voss, O.F.M.

July, 1932, Pg. 3, “Missionary Car Vital Necessity,” Reverend Gabriel M. Menager, S.J. 
July, 1935, Pg. 4, “Marquette League Grateful (St. Rose of Lima Parish, Brooklyn),” Staff
May, 1937, Pg. 2, “Chapel Fund Established for Deceased Members of Their Firm,” Staff
February, 1938, Pg. 1 & 6, “Archbishop Gerken Dedicates Mission Clinic for Indians in Santa Fe-Marquette League Endeavors to Supply Clinic Needs,” Staff
February, 1938, “Bishop Muench Thanks Members…for Their Generous Response,” Bishop Aloisius J. Muench
July, 1940, Pg. 1, “Bishop White…Renews Appeal to…Marquette League, For Indian Missions of His Diocese,” Bishop Charles D. White
May, 1941, Pg. 2, “I Need Your Help-From down Mississippi,” Reverend Francis Deignan
May, 1943, Pg. 2, “…For This Zealous Priest-St. John the Evangelist Church,” Staff
August, 1943, Pg. 2-3, “We repeat our appeal for Father Doyle,” Staff
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