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Spring issue = February to April; Summer issue = July to August; Autumn issue = August to October; Winter issue = November to February; 40th Anniversary Number = May, 1944
Fires and Natural Disasters
April 1916, Pg. 1, “Disastrous Month For The Missions,” Staff
April 1916, Pg. 4, “Flood Ruins California Mission (Mission of Pala),” Staff
April 1916, Supplement, “Mission School Destroyed-Immaculate Conception Mission, SD,” Reverend Pius Boehm, O.S.B.
April 1916, Supplement, “St. Francis Mission Burns,” Staff
July 1916, Pgs. 1-2, “Erection of Mission Chapels,” Staff
November, 1916, Pg. 3, “Great Distress Caused By Storm-St. Labre Mission,” A Friend of St. Labre
April, 1917, “Pg. 4, “St. Labre’s Mission, Montana, Greatly Handicapped By Recent Fire; Ursuline Sisters Lose Convent And School,” Reverend William Arendzen, S.S.E. 
July, 1917, Pg. 2, “Special Relief For Schools And Mission,” Staff
December, 1917, Pg. 3, “Thanks From St. Labre’s,” Ursuline Sisters
July, 1919, Pg. 3, “Will Rebuild Missions Destroyed By Fire,” Staff
July, 1919, Pg. 3, “Sisters And Girls Must Sleep In Chapel,” Staff

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Fires and Natural Disasters, continued
January, 1920, Pgs. 1-2, “Fire Destroys Saint Mary’s,” Staff
May, 1921, Pg. 3, “St. John’s Chapel, Arizona, Destroyed By Fire,” Reverend Antoine Willenbrink, O.F.M.
July, 1922, Pgs. 1-3, “Work Of 30 Years Destroyed; St. Ignatius Mission Destroyed,” Bishop John P. Carroll
July, 1925, Pg. 2, “Mother Gertrude An Ursuline Nun,” Staff
October, 1925, Pg. 2, “An Alaskan Mission In Ruins,” Sister Angela
May, 1926, Pg. 1, “A Pitiful Cry From The Far Northwest-St, Andrew’s Mission,” Reverend Boll, S.J.
May, 1926, Pg. 2, “…Tugs At Our Heart Strings When He Writes of Alaska Hardship,” Reverend Martin J. Lonneux, S.J.
July, 1926, Pg. 1, “A Touching Tribute To Our Members-St. Andrew’s Mission” Reverend Boll, S.J.
February, 1927, Pg. 2, “The Seven Dolors Mission…Is In Ashes,” Reverend Ambrose Mattingley, O.S.B.
July, 1931, Pg. 4, “St. Joseph’s Mission School (S.D.) Destroyed By Fire,” Staff
May, 1933, Pg. 1, “Fire-Calls! St. Francis Mission Forced to Make First Appeal in Seventeen Years,” Reverend William J. Flynn

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Fires and Natural Disasters, continued
October, 1938, Pgs. 1 & 6, “Fire Discovered in Kitchen of St. Mary’s Mission,” Reverend Joseph A. Balfe, S.J.
October, 1938, Pg. 1, “Fire and Tornado Wreck Tow of Our Large Missions,” Staff
October, 1938, Pg. 7, “Tornado Destroys Historic Mission,” Reverend Justin Snyder, O.S.B.
May, 1939, Pg. 4, “Fire Razes Mission Church at Desmet,” Staff
July, 1941, Pg. 5, “St. Charles Community Hall, Prior, MT, Destroyed, 1941,” Reverend J.W. Laux, S.J.
February, 1943, “Now We Hear The Drowning Of Planes,” Reverend Joseph Zimmerman, S.J.
August, 1946, Pgs. 16-17, “South Dakota Tornado, (St. Mary’s Indian Mission),” Reverend Patrick O’Neill, S.C.J.
November, 1946, Pg. 4-5, “Waters of Destruction, St. Mary’s Indian School, Wisconsin,” Sister Mary Macaria Murphy, F.S.P.A.
May, 1952, Pg. 18, “St. Francis Mission in South Dakota Needs Help,” Staff

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Franciscans (O.F.M.)
April 1913, Pgs. 2-3, “From A Franciscan Missionary Among the Navaho,” Reverend Leopold, O.F.M.
December 1913, Pg. 1, “Founder of California’s Missions,” Staff
April 1914, Pg. 4, “From The Workers In The Field: Franciscans Of The Southwest,” Reverend Egbert Fisher, O.F.M.
April 1914, Pg.4, “Father Anselm Weber, known wherever Indian missions are known,” Reverend Egbert Fisher, O.F.M.
Christmas 1914, Pg. 2, “Practical Charity of The Alumnae of Chestnut Hill,” Reverend Bonaventure Oblasser, O.F.M., and Reverend Tiburtius Wand, O.F.M.
November 1915, Pg. 2, “The Mescalero Mission, New Mexico,” Reverend Ortiz, O.F.M.
Christmas 1915, Pg. 3, “From Mt. St. Joseph, Chestnut Hill,” Reverend Bonaventure Oblasser, O.F.M.
April, 1917, “Pg. 4, “Rev. Bonaventure’s Visit,” Staff
October, 1917, Pg. 2, “$500 Will Enable Father Wand, O.F.M., To Complete Chapel At Ameken, Arizona,” Reverend Tiburtius Wand, O.F.M.
December, 1917, Pgs. 2-3, “Native Teachers Among The Indians Encouraged By Franciscan Frs.,” Reverend Bonaventure, O.F.M.

Series 4
Index to The Calumet

Franciscans (O.F.M.), continued
July, 1919, Pg. 4, “Franciscan Missionary Nurses 200 Influenza Patients,” Reverend Gerard, O.F.M.
October, 1919, Pg. 1, “Rev. Quinn’s Success Continues,” Staff
October, 1919, Pg. 4, “Rev. Gerard His Own Carpenter," Reverend Gerard, O.F.M.
May, 1920, Pg. 1, “Father Gerard’s House Almost Complete,” Staff
May, 1920, Pgs. 3-4, “First Requiem Mass At St. Thomas Mission, Yuma, AZ,” Reverend Tiburtius Wand, O.F.M.
October, 1920, Pgs. 1-2, “Father Gerard Finishes Church And House At San Carlos, AZ,” Staff
October, 1925, Pg. 3, “The Pueblo Of Acoma,” Staff
October, 1926, Pg. 2, “…Writes From San Carlos Mission,” Reverend Zittier, O.F.M.
July, 1931, Pg. 3, “Your Generous Response Encourages…,” Reverend Antonine Willenbrink, O.F.M.
May, 1932, Pg. 4, “In Memoriam,” Staff
May, 1935, Pg. 1, “Sad Plight of Great Missionary (Fr. Oblasser O.F.M.),” Reverend William J. Flynn

Series 4
Index to The Calumet

Franciscans (O.F.M.), continued
May, 1935, Pg. 4, “The Passing of a Great Indian Missionary,” Reverend William J. Flynn
February, 1936, Pg. 1, “A Promising People,” Reverend William J. Flynn
February, 1936, Pg. 4, “Death of a Great Missionary: Fr. Marcellus Troester, O.F.M.,” Staff
July, 1936, Pg. 3, “For Us a Little-For the Missionary Much,” Reverend Aubert, O.F.M.
October, 1936, Pg. 1, “Mary, Mother of Mankind” Mission Church to Be Dedicated October 28th,” Staff
October, 1937, Pg. 2, “Navajo Ancient Receives Baptism,” Reverend Winfrid Stauble, O.F.M.
February, 1938, Pg. 4, “Progress Among the Pala Indian Missions Reviewed,” Staff
May, 1938, Pg. 2, “Going, Going, Gone!” Staff
May, 1938, Pg. 3, “Missionary Makes Report of Spiritual Progress in…Arizona,” Staff
May, 1938, Pg. 4, “Our Lady of the Rosary Keams Canyon,” Reverend Winfrid Stauble, O.F.M. 

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Franciscans (O.F.M.), continued
July, 1938, Pgs. 8-9, “St. Anthony Indian Mission, Zuni, NM,” Reverend Clement Druehe, O.F.M.
May, 1939, Pg. 1 & 6, “Franciscan Padre Asks For Much Needed Help For His Yuma Indians,”  Reverend Felix, O.F.M.
May, 1939, Pg. 4, “Roses at Christmas,” Floyd Keeler
May, 1939, Pg. 7, “Bishop Buddy Heartily Endorses The Appeal of Rev. Felix For Funds,” Bishop Charles D. Buddy
May, 1939, Pg. 7, “Easter Morning With Father Felix,”Reverend Felix, O.F.M.
February, 1940, Pg. 4, “Work Of The Marquette League Among The Acoma And Laguna Indian Missions of New Mexico,” Reverend Agnellus Lammert, O.F.M.
July, 1940, Pgs. 6-7, “Father Winfrid Stauble, O.F.M., Makes Preparations For Dedication of Marquette League Chapel At Pinon Springs,” Staff
October, 1940, Pg. 4, “Bishop Diego’s Centenary,” Floyd Keeler
February, 1941, Pg. 3, “A Missionary’s Journey,”  Reverend Girardot, O.F.M.
July, 1941, Pg. 8, “Famed Franciscan Indian Missionary Dies-Fr. Arnold Heinzmann, O.F.M.,” Staff
November, 1949, Pgs. 12-13, “Sesqui-Bi-Centenial of San Jose Mission," Reverend Agnellus Lammert, O.F.M.

Series 4
Index to The Calumet

Franciscans (O.F.M.), continued
November, 1953, Pgs. 6-8, “Little Father Who Knows,” Reprinted from Gallup Independent
August, 1957, Pgs. 12-13, “Christ’s Kingdom on the Mesa,” Staff
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (F.S.P.A.); see also School Sisters of St. Francis (O.S.F.) and Sisters of St. Francis (O.S.F.)
May, 1936, Pg. 1, “Franciscan Sisters in Desperate Need Make Their First Appeal,” Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, St. Mary’s School (Odanah, Bad River Reservation, Wisconsin)
February, 1938, Pg. 3, “Franciscan Sister, Appeals for Her Poor Mission,” Sister M. Victoria, F.S.P.A.
October, 1940, Pg. 10, “Sister M. Victoria, O.S.F., Celebrates Her Golden Jubilee,” Staff
February, 1951, Pgs. 14-15, “Sixty Years of Service-Sister Superior Victoria,” Staff