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Volume 5: Help Pages -- Search & Search Tips

To search the Native Guide, go to -- Search the Collections.

The search box includes Marquette's Native Guide and all descriptive finding aids to Marquette special collections and archives. Not included are Marquette's digital collections and archived websites.

For best search results, use the Catholic Group and Native American Group names and terms found in the Help Pages. These Catholic and Native American groups are fully discoverable in the Native Guide, but often less discoverable in the Marquette collections, e.g. Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, as in many instances, such names are not included in listings and headings. Therefore, to insure comprehensive searches for related records, use the corresponding location and date information found in the Native Guide entries.

Why the Guide? The guide illuminates how to find all records about specific Catholic and Native American groups in the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records and other special collections that oftentimes are not specifically identified in the finding aids. In so doing, the guide provides a strategy to insure that all pertinent Marquette records about a given Catholic and/or Native American group have been found. Furthermore, scholars, historians, and genealogists have recognized the Marquette University survey guides to Catholic-related records to Native Americans in the United States as innovative and indispensable in locating crucial and obscure records for proving U.S. citizenship and Native American ancestry for tribal enrollment and other purposes; for documenting achievements, heritage, and claims by collaborating Native Americans and Catholics; and for documenting actions and claims by Native American, government and/or church groups.