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Haas, Bishop Francis J., M-44, M-261

Haas, John, W-365

Haas, Reuben P., M-261

Haberlin, Monsignor Richard J., M-261

Habig, Reverend Marion, O.F.M., M-108, M-261

Hacker, Bishop Hilary B., M-126, M-136, M-261

Haetscher, Reverend Francis, M-258

Hafey, Bishop William Joseph, M-261

Haffner, Reverend Adalbert, O.S.B., M-184, M-261

Haffner, Reverend Christopher, M-50

Hagedorn, Reverend Eugene, O.F.M., M-45, M-108, M-261

Hahn, Reverend B. Florian, C.PP.S., M-112, M-261, W-127, W-165, W-172, W-184, W-202

Haid, Abbot Leo, O.S.B., M-261

Haida Indians, W-13, W-26, W-30, W-177, W-237, W-512

Haida Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Canadian repositories not included), W-13, W-26, W-30, W-237

Haile, Reverend Berard, O.F.M., E-5, M-261, W-69, W-94, W-116, W-165, W-382, W-385

Haines, Reverend Clement W., M-261

Hainson, James, W-315

Hall, Reverend William L., M-261

Hall, Theodore B., M-261

Halligan, Reverend Michael J., M-261

Hallinan, Bishop Paul J., M-261

Hallowell, I. Irving, E-5

Halperin, Abe M., M-261

Hamilton, Robert J. (Siksika), M-261

Hammer, Reverend Bonaventure, O.F.M., M-261

Hammes, Bishop George A., M-261

Hammon Institute of the Southern Plains (Hammon, Oklahoma), M-22b

Han Indians, W-11

Hana, Archbishop Edward J., M-261

Hanke, C.F., M-261

Hannan, Archbishop Phlip M., M-261

Hannar, Reverend Rupert, O.F.M., M-261

Hannon, Monsignor James J., M-261

Hanus, Abbot Jerome, O.S.B., M-126

Harbor Springs (Michigan), M-261

Harding, Warren G., M-261

Hare, Bishop William Hobart (Episcopalian), M-261

Hargreaves, Henry Reverend, S.J., M-261, W-512

Haritchabalet, Reverend Blaise, O.S.B., M-184, M-261

Harkin, Reverend Raymond F., M-261

Harney, William, M-109

Harrigan, Reverend Robert J., M-261

Harrington, Gwyneth B., W-105

Harris, La Donna (Comanche), M-261

Harris, Reverend Vincent M., M-261

Harrison, Benjamin, M-261

Harry Chin, Joachim (Hunkpapa), M-261

Hart, Bishop Joseph, M-261

Hartmann, Brother Andrew, S.J., M-201b, M-261

Hartrich, Mary John Berchmans, Sister, C.S.J., M-112, W-121

Harty, Archbishop/ Bishop Jeremiah J., M-118, M-261

Harvard University, M-261

Harvey, Reverend Alexander M., M-261

Hascall, Reverend John S., O.F.M. Cap. (Ojibwa), M-50, M-261

Hasinai Indians, W-245, W-457

Hasque, Reverend Urban, de, M-171, M-173, M-184, M-261

Hasspiel, Reverend Brunno, S.V.D., M-261

Hastrich, Bishop Jerome Joseph, M-261, W-118, W-356

Hatcher, Reverend John, S.J., M-261

Haug, Reverend Felix, M-14

Haugh, Reverend Solano/ Solanus, O.F.M., M-261

Hauke, C.F., M-261

Havasu Lake station (Chemehuevi Reservation, California), W-208

Havasupai Indians, M-261, W-85, W-109, W-133, W-158, W-208, W-234, W-246

Havasupai Indians, Genealogy Prospects, M-261, W-85, W-109, W-133, W-158, W-208, W-234

Havasupai station (Havasupai Reservation, Arizona), M-261

Hawkes, Monsignor Benjamin G., M-261

Hayden, Carl Trumbull, M-261, W-116

Hayden, Julian, W-104

Hayden, Mother Bridge, S.L., KY-2, M-29, M-261

Hayes, Benjamin I., W-104

Hayes, Cardinal/ Archbishop Patrick J., M-261

Hayes, Mary Agnes, W-307

Hayes, Reverend Ralph L., M-261

Hayes, Rutherford B., M-261

Hays station (Scott County, Mississippi), E-32b

Hayt, E.A., M-261

Heads, Louisa C., W-454

Healy, Bishop James Augustino, M-261

Healy, Reverend, P.J., S.J., M-261, W-18

Heard Museum (Phoenix, Arizona), W-88

Heffels, Reverend George J., S.V.D., M-261

Heffron, Reverend Patrick R., M-261

Heide, Henry J., M-261

Heinen, Reverend Victor, O.S.B., M-226, M-261

Heinzmann, Reverend Arnold, O.F.M., M-261

Heiring, Reverend J.G., M-171, M-261

Heiss, Bishop Michael, M-255, M-261

Helen, Sister, S.S.A., M-50

Helmsing, Bishop Charles H., M-261

Helmueller, Reverend Lawrence C., S.J., M-261

Hemaur, Reverend Gilbert F., O.F.M. Cap., M-261

Henderson, Ben (Choctaw), M-261

Henderson, Early Y., M-261

Henninger, Reverend Lawrence, O.F.M., M-272, M-261

Henrietta, Sister, C.D.P., M-191, M-261

Herbert, Charles W., M-261

Herman, Reverend Gilbert P., M-261

Hermann, Reverend Henry J., M-261

Hermanutz, Reverend Aloysius, O.S.B., M-71, M-93, M-261

Herreras, Eleazar Días, W-104

Herron, Reverend Joseph P., M-261

Herzfeld, Regina Flannery, E-5

Herzig, Reverend Charles E., M-261

Hesch, Sister Laura, O.S.B., M-92, M-93, M-99

Heslin, Bishop Thomas, M-261

Hess, Abbot Gilbert, O.S.B., M-216, M-229b, M-261

Hess, Reverend John, S.J., W-512

Hesse, Reverend Jerome, O.F.M., M-261

Hessels, Phyllis, M-261

Hewett, Edgar Lee, W-381, W-388

Heyn, Charles, W-70

Hickey, Bishop William A., M-261

Hickey, Monsignor Edward J., M-261

Hickey, Reverend Meldon, O.F.M., M-261

Hickiwan Mission (Hickiwan, Tohono O'odham/ Papago Reservation, Arizona), M-261; see also San Jose Mission (North Hickiwan, Tohono O’odham Reservation, Arizona), St. Francis Mission (South Hickiwan, Tohono O’odham Reservation, Arizona), and St. Mary Mission (South Hickiwan, Tohono O’odham Reservation, Arizona)

Hidalgo y Costilla, Padre Miguel, W-442

Hidalgo, Fray Francisco, O.F.M., W-433, W-437

Hidatsa Indians, M-105b, M-126, M-129, M-133, M-135, M-136, M-144, M-261

Hidatsa Indians, Genealogy Prospects, M-105b, M-126, M-129, M-133, M-135, M-144, M-261

Higgins, Monsignor Cornelius P., M-261

High Island station (Michigan), M-46, M-57b, M-59

Hilger, Sister Mary Inez, O.S.B., E-5

Hill, Reverend James P., M-261

Hilpert, Monsignor John M., M-261

Hindere, Reverend Victor F., S.J., M-261

History of St. Ignatius Mission by Reverend William L. Davis, S.J., W-307

History San José (San Jose, California), W-224

Hitpas, Reverend Thomas, O.M.I., E-8, M-88, M-261

Hitta, Reverend Aloysius, O.S.B., M-171, M-261

Hoag, Chief Enock (Caddo), M-261

Hoage, William, M-38

Hoban, Reverend Edward F., M-261

Hobday, Sister José, O.S.F. (Seneca), M-261, M-267b, W-305

Hoch, Bishop Lambert A., M-126, M-216, M-229b, M-261

Ho-Chunk Indians; see Winnebago Indians

Hocio, Fray Francisco de, O.F.M., W-382

Hocio, Xemes, W-382

Hodge, Frederick Webb, M-261, W-165

Hodge, William H., W-291

Hoecken, Reverend Adrian, S.J., W-278

Hoecken, Reverend Christian, S.J., M-28, M-106, M-110a, M-113, M-215, M-221

Hoeffer, Antonia, de, M-76

Hoffman, Reverend Alexius, M-71

Hoffman, Reverend Emmett [O.F.M. Cap.], M-38, M-261, W-202

Hogan, Reverend James J., M-261

Hogebach, Reverend Henry, S.C.J., M-229b, M-261

Hokeah, Jack (Kiowa), M-145a, M-145b, M-261

Hole-in-the-Day, Chief Ignatius (Ojibwa), M-261

Holtrave, Reverend Gregory J., M-261

Holy Angels Mission (Mud Lake, Wisconsin), M-108, M-241, M-255, M-270, M-272

Holy Angels/ St. Mary Mission (Red Springs, Stockbridge Reservation, Wisconsin), M-108, M-250, M-254

Holy Angels Mission (Sugar Island, Michigan), M-50, M-61

Holy Angels Mission/ station (Unalakleet, Alaska), W-13, W-43, W-49, W-512

Holy Childhood Association, National Office (New York, New York), W-378, M-261

Holy Childhood of Jesus/ St. Peter Church and School (Harbor Springs/ New Arbre Croche, Michigan), AT-2, AT-3, E-36, M-11, M-35, M-37, M-39, M-44, M-45, M-46, M-47a, M-47b, M-50, M-53, M-56, M-57a, M-57b, M-59, M-60, M-108, M-254, M-261, M-249a, M-268, W-265

Holy Cross Church (Belle Prairie, Minnesota), M-71, M-91, M-92, M-96

Holy Cross Church (Emmett, Kansas), M-23, M-24

Holy Cross Church (Orr, Minnesota), M-75, M-88

Holy Cross Church (Santa Cruz, California), W-238

Holy Cross Church (Santa Cruz, New Mexico), W-346, W-352, W-380, W-383

Holy Cross Church (Wagoner, Oklahoma), M-152a, M-162, M-166, M-171, M-191, M-194

Holy Cross Church/ Mission (Beaver Island/ St. James, Michigan), M-44, M-45, M-57a, M-57b, M-59, M-108, M-261

Holy Cross Church/ Mission, School, and Orphanage (Holy Cross/ Koserefsky, Alaska), BC-1, BC-2, BC-4, E-30, M-261, M-268, QC-3, W-4, W-6, W-13, W-18, W-21, W-22, W-25, W-58, W-177, W-509, W-512

Holy Cross Church/ Mission/ St. Anthony's Church and School (Cross Village/ Holy Cross, Michigan), E-46, M-31, M-35, M-37, M-44, M-45, M-50, M-57a, M-57b, M-59, M-108, M-259, M-261

Holy Cross Hospital (Nome, Alaska), W-13, W-507

Holy Cross School (Holy Cross, Alaska), W-24

Holy Family Cathedral/ Church (Anchorage, Alaska), M-261, W-2, W-3, W-26, W-51, W-54, W-177, W-193, W-265

Holy Family Cathedral/ Church and School (Tulsa, Oklahoma), M-149a, M-152a, M-166, M-191, M-192, M-194, W-467

Holy Family Church (Anadarko, Oklahoma), M-145a, M-171

Holy Family Church (Glenallen/ Glennallen, Alaska), M-261, W-2, W-29, W-512

Holy Family Church (Newtok, Alaska), W-10, W-13, W-39, W-512

Holy Family Church (Tucson, Arizona), W-109, W-110, W-112

Holy Family Church (Yerington, Yerington Reservation, Nevada), W-339

Holy Family Church and School (Albuquerque, New Mexico), W-343, W-379

Holy Family Church/ Mission (Cloquet, Fond du Lac Reservation, Minnesota), M-66, M-69, M-70, M-71, M-75, M-76, M-70, M-79, M-88, M-91, M-92, M-108, M-255, M-261, M-273

Holy Family Church/ Mission/ St. Michael Mission (Shell Creek/ Shell Village, Fort Berthold Reservation, North Dakota), M-126, M-129, M-133, M-135, M-136, M-261

Holy Family Church/ St. Sophie Mission (Cedar Butte, Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota), M-228a, M-261

Holy Family Mission (Blackwater, Gila River Reservation, Arizona), M-261, W-92

Holy Family Mission (Burns, Burns-Paiute Reservation, Oregon), M-261, W-401, W-403, W-419

Holy Family Mission (Horse Creek, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-228a, M-264

Holy Family Mission (Lower Cutmeat, Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota), M-228a

Holy Family Mission (Metlakata, Alaska), W-13, W-26, W-30

Holy Family/ Birch Creek Church/ Mission and School (Browning/ Birch Creek, Blackfeet Reservation, Montana), M-11, M-261, W-177, W-307, W-312, W-314, W-315, W-512

Holy Family/ Christ Church and School (Bayfield, Wisconsin), M-5b, M-50, M-70, M-71, M-76, M-96, M-108, M-241, M-242, M-243, M-255, M-257, M-258, M-261, M-270, M-272, M-273

Holy Fathers of Notre Dame (unknown), W-465

Holy Ghost Fathers, Western Province (Houston, Texas), E-53, W-66, W-223

Holy Ghost Mission (Vinita, Oklahoma), M-165, M-166, M-171, M-191, M-193, M-261

Holy Mary of Guadalupe Church (Healy, Alaska), W-38

Holy Maternity of Mary Church (Dowagiac, Michigan), M-41

Holy Name Church (Ketchikan, Alaska), W-13, W-26, W-30, W-31, W-59, W-177, W-512

Holy Name of Jesus Church/ Mission (Chickasha, Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma), M-145a, M-151, M-171, M-184, M-261

Holy Name of Jesus Church/ Mission (Ketchikan, Alaska), M-261

Holy Name of Jesus Church/ Mission and School (Assinins, Keweenah Bay/ L'anse Reservation, Michigan); see The Most Holy Name of Jesus/ Holy Name of Jesus Church/ Mission and School (Assinins, Keweenah Bay/ L'anse Reservation, Michigan)

Holy Name of Mary/ St. Mary Church and School (Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan), E-29, E-36, M-36, M-37, M-50, M-60, M-61, M-112, W-265; see also St. Isaac Jogues Church (Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan) and Sault Sainte Marie Mission (Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan)

Holy Redeemer Church (Ogema, Minnesota), M-101a

Holy Rosary Church (Alliance, Nebraska), M-261

Holy Rosary Church (Dillingham, Alaska), M-261, W-2, W-512

Holy Rosary Church (Hartshorne, Oklahoma), M-158, M-191, M-261

Holy Rosary Church (Interior, South Dakota), M-222, M-264

Holy Rosary Church (Minco, Oklahoma), M-151, M-171

Holy Rosary Church (Tok Junction, Alaska), W-38

Holy Rosary Church and School (Minneapolis, Minnesota), M-85

Holy Rosary Church/ Mission (Grand Portage, Minnesota), M-70, M-71, M-75, M-79, M-92, M-94, M-261, ON-3

Holy Rosary Mission (Dog Ear, South Dakota), M-228a

Holy Rosary Mission (Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota); see Red Cloud Indian School/ Holy Rosary Mission and School (Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota)

Holy Rosary Mission News Page (Holy Rosary Mission, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Holy Rosary Mission and School (Philadelphia/ Tucker, Mississippi), E-26, E-32a, E-32c, E-55, E-63, E-64, M-5c, M-261

Holy Spirit Church (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), M-260b, M-260c, M-262d

Holy Spirit Mission (Duchesne, Uintah and Ouray Reservation, Utah), M-261, W-177, W-479, W-480

Holy Trinity Mission (El Cajon, California); see St. Mary/ Holy Trinity Church/ Mission (El Cajon, California)

Homar, Reverend Roman, O.S.B., M-71, M-73, M-261

Home Missions Mission Canada/ Home Missions (The Catholic Missions in Canada/ The Catholic Church Extension Society of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), M-261

Hominy Creek station (Osage Reservation, Oklahoma), M-156, M-176, M-261

Hominy station (Osage Reservation, Oklahoma), M-156, M-152b, M-176, M-186, M-261

Honahni, Dan (Cheyenne), M-261, W-291

Hoopa Indians; see Hupa Indians

Hooper Bay Gossip (Little Flower of Jesus Mission, Hooper Bay, Alaska), M-261

Hootsnoo station (Alaska), BC-3, W-59

Hope Rural School (Indiantown, Florida), E-12a, M-114, M-261, M-268

Hopi Church (Hopi Reservation, Arizona); see San Francisco de Asís de Oraibe Mission (Old Oraibi, Hopi Reservation, Arizona)

Hopi Indians, E-46, M-261, W-70, W-80, W-88, W-94, W-98, W-103, W-104, W-109, W-116, W-158, W-164, W-165, W-185, W-346, W-356, W-359, W-366, W-433, W-445, W-482

Hopi Indians, Genealogy Prospects, W-80, W-94, W-103, W-109, W-158, W-356, W-359, W-433

Hopi Indians, Language, M-261

Hopkins, Reverend George L., M-261

Hopkins, S.G., M-261

Hoppe, Reverend Leo, O.S.B., M-71, M-261

Horcasitas Mission (Mexico), W-455

Horn Cloud, Chief Joe (Oglala), M-261

Horn, Franklin S., M-261

Horsburgh, Monsignor James J., M-261

Hortense, Sister, C.S.A., M-50, M-261

Hospital Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, American Province (Springfield, Illinois), DE-6, M-6

Hospital Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, Generalate (Westphalia, Germany), DE-6

Hot Springs station (Alaska), W-56

Houck, Monsignor George F., M-261

Houma Indians, M-261

House of the Good Shepherd (St. Paul, Minnesota), M-261

Hovlan station (Minnesota), M-79

Howard, Archbishop Edward Daniel, M-261, W-419

Howard, Bishop Francis W., M-261

Howard, Reverend James E., M-261

Hoyekiya (Holy Rosary Mission, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Hualapai Indians, M-30, M-261, W-85, W-87, W-109, W-133, W-158, W-208, W-215, W-234

Hualapai Indians, Genealogy Prospects, M-261, W-85, W-87, W-109, W-133, W-158, W-208, W-234

Hubbard, Reverend Bernard Rosecrans, S.J., M-261, W-18, W-25, W-177, W-237, W-512

Huber, Brother January, O.S.B., M-14

Hudson Bay Company Archives (Winnipeg, Canada), MB-3

Hudson, Daniel E., M-11, M-261

Hudson, Peter J. (Choctaw), M-261

Huerfano station (New Mexico), W-387

Huerre, Abbot Denys, O.S.B., M-184

Huffer, Reverend William, M-191, M-261

Huffman, Laton Alton, M-261

Hughes, Monsignor Nicholas V., M-261

Hughes, Monsignor/ Reverend William H., E-5, M-136, M-261, W-116, W-184, W-234, W-244; see also Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions (Washington, D.C.)

Hughes, Mother John, P.B.V.M., M-197

Hughes, Reverend Cuthbert, M-14, M-261

Hugo, Ellen (Eskimo), W-346

Huidobro, Don Manuel de, W-104

Huírivas Mission (Huirivas, Mexico), W-107

Hulsman, Reverend Francis J., M-14, M-117, M-118, M-123, M-261

Hultkrantz, Ake, M-261

Humility of Mary Sisters (Villa Maria, Pennsylvania), E-56, M-261

Hunkeler, Bishop Edward J., M-23, M-261

Hunkpapa Indians, CH-1, M-8, M-96, M-101b, M-103b, M-105b, M-113, M-118, M-126, M-127a, M-127b, M-129, M-131, M-141, M-211, M-214b, M-217, M-219, M-221, M-225, M-226, M-227, M-229b, M-234, M-237, M-240, M-261, M-264, W-304, W-305, W-307, W-323, W-329; see also Catholic Sioux Congress, St. Mary Society, and St. Joseph Society

Hunkpapa Indians, Dakota Language, M-94, M-110a, M-141, M-207, M-214b, M-216, M-252, M-261

Hunkpapa Indians, Genealogy Prospects, M-105b, M-118, M-126, M-127a, M-127b, M-129, M-131, M-211, M-217, M-219, M-225, M-226, M-227, M-229b, M-261, W-304, W-305, W-307, W-323, W-329

Hunt, Bishop Duane Garrison, M-261, W-480

Hunt, George W.P., W-116

Hunt, Reverend Jerome, O.S.B., CH-1, M-14, M-94, M-110a, M-129, M-216, M-261

Hunter, George K., M-261

Hunthausen, Archbishop Raymond Gerhardt, M-261, W-505

Huntington Library (San Marino, California), W-230

Hunton, George K., M-261

Hupa Indians, M-4, M-261, W-125, W-153, W-210, W-211, W-240, W-246

Hurley, Archbishop Francis Thomas, M-261, W-2, W-26

Hurley, Archbishop Joseph P., M-261

Hurley, Bishop Mark J., M-261

Hurley, Reverend George J., M-261

Hurley, Reverend James P., S.J., M-261

Hurley, Sister Angela, S.C.J., M-98a

Huron Indians; see Wyandot Indians

Hurrle, Reverend Maurice, M-73, M-75

Huslia station (Alaska), M-261

Hyacinthe, Sister, O.S.B., M-71

Hyland, Bishop Francis E., M-261

Hylebos, Reverend Peter F., BE-1, M-261, W-507, W-515, W-516