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Ma¯hpiya Luta Tawowapi Wico¯han (Red Cloud School, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Machebeuf/ Macheboeuf, Bishop Joseph Projectus, M-261, W-263

Machukay, Tony (Apache), M-261

Macy station (Omaha Reservation, Nebraska), M-123, M-261

Madams, The; see Lady Missionaries of Mary (Omak, Colville Reservation, Washington)

Madan, Reverend James R., M-197

Madden, Molly, W-458

Madden, Monsignor Joseph A., M-261

Madlon, Reverend Daniel, O.S.B., M-14, M-261

Madonna House Apostolate (Combermere, Canada), ON-1, W-119; see also La Casa de Nuestra Señora, Madonna House Apostolate (Winslow, Arizona)

Madueño, Fray Fernando, O.F.M., W-116

Maginn, Monsignor Edward J., M-261

Magner, Bishop Francis J., M-50, M-261

Maguire, Bishop/ Monsignor John J., M-261

Mah' Piya Luta Tawakanyeja, Red Cloud's Children (Red Cloud School, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Maher, Bishop Leo Thomas, M-261, W-212

Mahican Indians; see Stockbridge Indians

Mahoney, Bishop Bernard J., M-216, M-229b,M-261

Mahoney, Monsignor Philip F., M-261

Mahpiya Luta Oyakapi (Red Cloud School, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Mahpiya Luta Woyaka (Red Cloud School, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Mai To So, The (Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Mission, Houck, Navajo Reservation, Arizona), M-261, W-116

Maidu Indians, M-261, W-150, W-206, W-210, W-246

Maidu Indians, Genealogy Prospects, M-261, W-150, W-206, W-210

Maiers, Sister Marmion, O.S.B., M-216, M-237, M-240

Main, Thomas J. (Atsina), W-294

Makah Indians, M-261, W-502, W-505, W-508

Makah Indians, Genealogy Prospects, M-261, W-502, W-505

Malecite Indians, M-261

Malheur Reservation station (Oregon), W-399

Mallessy, Brother Gonzaga de, O.S.B., M-71

Mallet, Edward, M-11, M-261

Mallman, Reverend Egon E., S.J., M-261

Malo, Reverend John F., M-94, M-120, M-129, M-197, M-215, M-261

Maloney, Bishop David M., M-261

Mancuso, Reverend Sylvester, O.F.M., M-261

Mandalari, Reverend Alphonse M., S.J., M-261

Mandan Indians, M-105b, M-126, M-129, M-133, M-135, M-136, M-144, M-261

Maney, Monsignor John E., M-261

Mangan, Reverend Joseph, M-261

Manhart, Reverend Paul I., S.J., M-261

Manitowoc Rapids, Wisconsin, M-98a, M-250

Manley Mission (Manley, Alaska), W-13, W-56

Mannhart, Brother Anthony, O.S.B., M-14

Manning, Bishop Timothy, M-261

Manning, Reverend John L., M-261

Manogue, Reverend Patrick, W-206

Manske, Reverend James J., M-261

Manuel de Exercisios Para los Desagravios de Christo Senor N. Dedicado Al Gloriso, by Patriarcha San Joseph, W-381

Many Points Lake station (Minnesota), M-89

Mapuche Indians, M-261

Marbach, Monsignor Joseph F., M-261

Marble, Harmon P., M-261

Margaret Mary, Sister, S.L., M-261

Margil de Jesús, Fray Antonio, O.F.M., W-433, W-437, W-465, W-478

Maria Santisima del Carmen Mission [Buenavista?] (Kino Springs, Arizona), W-104

Marian Fathers, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-24

Marian Fathers, St. Stanislaus Kostka Province (Stockbridge, Massachusetts), IT-24, W-7

Marianists, Cincinnati Province, (Cincinnati, Ohio), W-463

Maricopa Indians, E-26, M-261, MX-1, W-63, W-87, W-88, W-91, W-92, W-106, W-107, W-109, W-114, W-115, W-158, W-189, W-196, W-215, W-234

Maricopa Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Mexican repositories not included), M-261, W-63, W-87, W-91, W-92, W-109, W-114, W-158, W-234

Mariner, Fray Juan, O.F.M., W-234

Marist Brothers, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-25

Marist Brothers, Poughkeepsie Province (Watertown, Maine), M-222

Marist Brothers, United States of America Province (Bayonne, New Jersey), IT-25

Marist Missionary Sisters, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-27

Marist Missionary Sisters, North American Province (Waltham, Massachusetts), IT-27, W-38

Marists, Atlanta Province (Atlanta, Georgia), IT-26

Marists, Boston Province (Boston, Massachusetts), IT-26

Marists, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-26

Marlow station (Oklahoma), M-151

Marmon, Harry (Laguna), W-346

Marmon, Walter K. (Laguna), W-346

Marquette, Père Jacques, S.J., M-0c, M-113, M-250, M-255, M-261, QC-10

Marquette League for Catholic Indian Missions (New York, New York), M-73, M-171, M-261, W-116, W-118, W-234, W-378; see also Ellen Rose Byrne, Reverend Bernard A. Cullen, Joseph H. Fargis, Henry J. Heide, Monsignor Thomas A. Modugno, Eugene A. Philbin, Monsignor William Quinn, Alfred J. Talley, and Reverend John J. Wynne, S.J.

Marquette University (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), E-15b, M-57a, M-110a, M-208, M-222, M-253a, M-270, M-261, W-95, W-208, W-300, W-306, W-307, W-527, W-528, W-529, W-531

Marquis of Croix, W-455

Marshall station (California), M-261

Martin, C.W., M-261

Martin, Phillip (Choctaw), M-261

Martin, Reverend Clement, O.F.M., W-94, M-261

Martines, Felix, W-382

Martinez, Fray Antonio Jose, O.F.M., W-382

Martinez, Fray Diego, O.F.M., W-382

Martinez, José Miguel, W-437

Martinez, Manuel, W-437

Martinze, Reverend Antonio Jose, W-381

Marty, Bishop/ Abbot Martin, O.S.B., CH-1, M-11, M-14, M-71, M-96, M-103b, M-118, M-129, M-135, M-136, M-197, M-201b, M-215, M-221, M-255, M-261

Marty Indian School (Marty, South Dakota), M-214a, M-215

Martyrs' Shrine Message (Martyrs' Shrine, Midland, Canada), M-261

Marx, Bishop Adolph, M-261

Marx, Sister Helen, O.S.B., M-237, M-240

Mary Agatha, Mother, S.B.S., M-261

Mary Agna, Mother, M-259

Mary Agnes, Mother, O.S.F., M-119, M-261

Mary Alexia, Mother, O.S.F., M-261

Mary Angelica, Sister, O.S.F., M-261

Mary Barbara, Mother, S.L., M-261

Mary Basil, Sister, C.S.J., M-261

Mary Benedictine Evangelista, Sister, O.S.B., M-261

Mary Berchmans, Sister, S.B.S., M-261

Mary Bernadette, Sister, C.S.J., M-261

Mary Bernardine, Sister, O.S.F., M-5b, M-261

Mary Blanche, Sister, S.P., M-261

Mary Borromeo, Mother, S.H.C.J., M-261

Mary Callista, Sister, S.L., M-261

Mary Callista, Sister, S.S.N.D., M-261

Mary Catherine, Sister, F.S.P.A., M-261

Mary Cecilia, Mother, O.S.U., M-261

Mary Cecilia, Sister, C.S.J., M-261

Mary Cecilia, Sister, R.S.M., M-261

Mary Christina, Sister, R.S.M., M-261

Mary Claire, Mother, O.S.F., M-251

Mary Clementina, Sister, O.S.F., M-261

Mary Clotida, Sister, S.Q.C., M-261

Mary Clotilda, Mother, O.S.U., M-261

Mary Cordula, Sister, O.S.F., M-261

Mary de Sales, Mother, O.S.F., M-261

Mary Dunstan, Sister, F.C.S.P., M-261

Mary Ethelbert, Sister,O.S.B., M-261

Mary Eugenie, Sister,F.C.S.P., M-261

Mary Eva, Sister, S.L., M-261

Mary F. Borgia, Mother, S.B.S., M-261

Mary Francis Xavier, Mother, S.B.S., M-261

Mary Genevieve, Mother, S.M., M-261

Mary Gertrude, Sister, O.S.B., M-103b, M-261

Mary Gratiana, Sister, O.S.F., M-261

Mary Gregory, Sister, O.S.F., M-251

Mary Helen, Sister, C.S.A., M-261

Mary Hildegarde, Sister, S.C.H., M-103b, M-261

Mary Hyacinth, Sister, O.S.F., M-5b, M-261

Mary Hyronima, Sister, O.P. (Pomo), W-145

Mary Ida, Sister, O.S.B., M-261

Mary James, Mother, S.B.S., M-261

Mary Jerome, Mother, O.S.B., M-221, M-237, M-240, M-261

Mary Jerome, Mother, S.B.S., M-261

Mary Joseph, Mother, M.S.B.T., M-261

Mary Joseph, Mother, R.S.M., M-261

Mary Joseph, Sister (Coeur d'Alene), W-281

Mary Josephine, Sister, S.B.S., M-261

Mary Killian, Sister, C.S.J., W-234

Mary Lawrence, Mother, O.S.U., M-261

Mary Liguori, Sister, R.S.M., M-261

Mary Lioba, Sister, O.S.B., M-71, M-261

Mary Macaria, Sister, O.S.F., M-261

Mary Magdalen, Mother, F.C.S.P., M-261

Mary Magdalen, Mother, O.S.U., M-261

Mary Mathilda, Sister, O.S.B., M-103b

Mary Matilda, Mother, O.S.F., M-261

Mary Matthews, Sister, O.S.F., M-261

Mary Mercedes, Mother, R.S.M., M-261

Mary Nicolata, Sister, O.S.F., M-261

Mary of St. Concord, Sister, F.M.M., M-261

Mary of the Angels, Mother, O.S.U., M-261

Mary of the Divine Heart, Mother, O.S.U., M-261

Mary of the Visitation, Mother, O.S.B., M-261

Mary Patricia, Sister, O.S.F., M-261

Mary Paul, Sister, M-191

Mary Perpetua, Mother, O.S.U., M-259, M-261

Mary Philip Neri, Sister, S.B.S., M-261

Mary Philothea, Mother, C.D.P., M-261

Mary Pierre, Sister, S.B.S., M-191, M-261

Mary Pierre, Sister, S.B.S., M-261

Mary Raphael, Sister, R.S.M., M-261

Mary Regina, Sister, O.S.U., M-261

Mary Romana, Sister, O.S.B., , M-14

Mary Rosalia, Sister, O.S.B., M-261

Mary Rosaria, Sister, O.S.B. [1], M-261

Mary Rosaria, Sister, O.S.B. [2], M-261

Mary Rose, Sister, O.S.U., M-261

Mary Seraphine, Sister, O.S.B., M-261

Mary Serena, Sister, O.S.F., M-261

Mary St. Elizabeth, Mother, S.C.I.M., M-261

Mary St. Thomas, Sister, O.S.U., M-261

Mary Stanislaus, Mother, O.S.U., M-261

Mary Stanislaus, Sister, O.S.B., M-261

Mary Theresa, Mother, M-261

Mary Therese, Mother, O.S.U., M-261

Mary Thomas, Sister, C.S.J., M-261

Mary Thomas, Sister, R.S.M., M-261

Mary Tranquilla, Sister, O.S.F., M-261

Mary Victoria, Sister, O.S.F., M-261

Mary Vincent, Sister, S.B.S., M-261

Mary Vincentia, Mother, S.B.S., M-261

Mary Viola, Sister, O.S.F., M-261

Mary Virginia, Mother, M-171

Mary Wilhelmina, Sister, F.C.S.P., M-261

Mary William, Sister, O.S.B., M-136, M-261

Mary William, Sister, R.S.M., M-261

Mary Xaveria, Sister, O.S.B., M-103b

Mary’s Igloo Mission (Alaska), W-25

Maryknoll; see Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America (Maryknoll, New York)

Maryknoll Sisters (Maryknoll, New York), E-41, M-261, W-472

Massenet, Fray Damian, O.F.M., W-433

Masters, Sister Lorraine, O.L.V.M., M-261

Mater Dolorosa Mission (Terra Bella, Tule River Reservation, California), M-261, W-148, W-184, W-201

Mathevon, Mother Lucile, M-114

Mathieu, Reverend Georges P. (Potawatomi, 1912-1996), M-1b, M-255, M-261

Mato station (South Dakota), M-211

Matson, Reverend Daniel, O.F.M., W-105, W-234

Mattingly, Reverend Ambrose, O.S.B., M-12, M-216, M-237, M-240, M-261

Mattingly, Reverend Francis G., S.C.J., M-261

Matz, Bishop Nicholas Chrysostom, M-261, W-263

Maudlin, Reverend Stanislaus, O.S.B.,M-14, M-129, M-229a, M-261

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, New Mexico), W-346

May, Archbishop/ Bishop/ Monsignor John L., M-261

Maya Pastoral Project, M-261; see also Catholic Church, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Office for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Refugees (Washington, D.C.), Maya Pastoral Project, E-7

Mayas, E-7, E-12a, M-5d, M-113, M-114, M-171, M-261 M-268, W-83, W-87, W-168, W-171, W-184, W-212

Mayo Indians, W-104

Mazzuchelli, Reverend Samuel, O.P., AT-2, M-11, M-17, M-37, M-39, M-106, M-254, M-258, M-268

McAlester station (Oklahoma), M-152a

McAndrews, Reverend Anthony P., S.M.A., M-261

McAstocker, Reverend David P., S.J., M-261

McBride, Reverend Joseph S., S.J., M-261

McCabe, Reverend Felix, M-229b

McCarthy, Bishop Edward Anthony, M-261, W-87

McCarthy, Bishop Joseph E., M-261

McCarthy, Eugene, M-261

McCarthy, Reverend Gabriel, O.F.M., M-261

McCarthy, Reverend John J., M-261

McCarthy, Reverend Kieran, O.F.M., M-261, W-104, W-234

McCarthy, Reverend Meinrad, O.S.B., M-14

McCarty, Bishop William T., C.Ss.R., M-226, M-261

McCarty’s Mission (McCartys, Acoma Reservation, New Mexico); see Santa Maria del Acoma/ McCartys Mission (McCartys, Acoma Reservation, New Mexico)

McCaskill, Joseph C., M-261

McClain County Historical Museum (Purcell, Oklahoma), M-179

McClary, Monsignor John C., M-261

McConihe, W.W., W-244

McCormick, Monsignor J. Carroll, M-261

McCormick, Thomas F., M-261

McCready, Reverend John J., M-261

McCreedy, Reverend F.D., M-171

McDevitt, Reverrend Philip R., M-261

McDonald, Bishop Andrew J., M-261

McDonald, Monsignor Joseph P., M-261

McDonnell, Monsignor Thomas J., M-261

McDonoghue, Reverend Patrick J., S.M.A., M-261

McDonough, Bishop Thomas J., M-261

McDowell, Malcolm, M-261

McElmeel, Reverend Joseph F., S.J., W-18, M-261, W-512

McEntegart, Bishop Bryan J., M-261

McEvoy, Monsignor Charles F., M-261

McFadden, Reverend James Augustine, M-261

McFarland, Amanda, W-53

McFarland, Bishop Norman F., M-261

McGill, Inno, M-261

McGinnis, Monsignor William F., M-261

McGlinchey, Monsignor Joseph F., M-261

McGolrick, Bishop James M., M-261

McGonigle, Abbot Kevin, O.S.B., M-126

McGouldrick, Reverend Vincent C., M-191

McGovern, Bishop Patrick A., M-261

McGovern, Reverend Damian E., M-261

McGrath, Bishop Joseph F., M-261

McGregor, James H., M-261

McGucken, Reverend Joseph T., M-261

McGuinness, Bishop Eugene J., M-4, M-171, M-261; see also Catholic Church Extension Society of the United States of America (Chicago, Illinois)

McGuire, Reverend Paul, M-261

McHugh, Reverend Patrick A., M-261

McIntyre, Monsignor James P., M-261

McIntyre, Reverend James Francis A., M-261

McIntyre, Reverend William T., S.J., M-261

McKay, Robin H., W-320

McKenna, Reverend John J., M-261

McKenney, Thomas L., M-113

McLaughlin, Bishop Charles B., M-261

McLaughlin, Bishop Thomas H., M-261

McLaughlin, James, M-96, M-135, M-229a, M-261

McLaughlin, Monsignor Bernard J., M-261

McMahon, Monsignor William J., M-261

McMahon, Reverend Fintan P., M-191

McMahon, Sister Thomas Marie, C.S.J., W-121

McMaster, James A., M-11, M-261

McMeel, Reverend Bernard F., S.J., M-261

McMillan, Reverend William, S.J., M-261

McNamara, Reverend Stephen E., S.J., M-261

McNamara, Reverend Thomas P., S.S.J., M-261

McNeill, Reverend Douglas A., M-261, W-349, W-392

McNicholas, Bishop John Timothy, O.P.,M-261

McNickle, D’Arcy (Cree-Kootenai-Salish),M-261

McNulty, Bishop James A., M-261

McQuigg, Henry J.,M-261

McShea, Reverend Joseph, M-261

Meadows, Don, W-156

Means, Russell (Oglala), M-261

Medeiros, Archbishop Humberto, M-261

Medicine Bird, James (Cheyenne), M-261, W-291

Medicine Creek station (Lower Brule Reservation, South Dakota), M-209

Medicine Lake Mission (Medicine Lake, Montana); see St. Patrick Church/ Medicine Lake Mission (Medicine Lake, Montana)

Medill, William, M-28, M-76, M-113

Medina, Fray Baltasar de, O.F.M., W-130

Meem, John Gaw, W-346

Meerschaert, Bishop Theophile, M-111a, M-171, M-191, M-261

Mehl, Sister Damascene, O.S.F., M-6

Melgares, Facundo, W-382

Melitina, Sister, S.L., M-191, M-261

Memoirs of Pioneer Sisters (Congregation of the Divine Providence, San Antonio, Texas), W-467

Memories (Immaculate Conception School, Stephan, South Dakota), M-237, M-261

Menager, Reverend Francis M., S.J., M-261, W-512

Menard, Reverend René, S.J., M-250, M-255, M-261

Menchero, Fray Juan Miguel, O.F.M., W-381

Mendiola, Fray José, O.F.M., W-455

Mendocino County Historical Society (Ukiah, California), W-250

Mendocino County stations (California), E-26, ER-1

Mendota Convent School (Minnesota), M-94, M-98a, M-112

Mengarini, Reverend Gregory, S.J., M-110a, W-512

Menominee Indians, E-36, M-2, M-37, M-39, M-50, M-108, M-112, M-149b, M-250, M-251, M-254, M-258, M-259, M-260b, M-260c, M-261, M-262a, M-265, M-268,

Menominee Indians Genealogy Prospects, M-2, M-39, M-250, M-254, M-260b, M-260c, M-261, M-265, M-268

Mercado, Fray Jess del, O.F.M., W-184

Mercado, Fray Maria Vasquez del, O.F.M., W-237

Merino, Fray Buenaventura, O.F.M., W-382

Merio, Monsignor Eugene, M-261

Meritt, E.B., M-261

Merschman, Reverend Francis, O.S.B., M-71

Mesa Grande station (Mesa Grande Reservation, California), W-241

Mescalero Indians; see Apache Indians

Mescalero Reservation station (New Mexico), W-394

Mesita Mission (Mesita, Laguna Reservation, New Mexico); see Sacred Heart/ Mesita Mission (Mesita, Laguna Reservation, New Mexico)

Mesquakie Indians; see Sac and Fox Indians

Messenger of the Holy Childhood Childhood (Holy Childhood School, Harbor Springs, Michigan), M-108, M-261

Messmer, Bishop Sebastian G., M-250, M-261

Mestizos, E-58, E-59, M-261, MX-1, MX-3, MX-6, MX-9, W-106, W-168, W-234, W-256, W-258, W-265, W-274, W-340, W-441, W-443, W-444, W-448, W-457, W-462, W-464, W-466, W-470

Mestizos, Genealogy Prospects (Mexican repositories not included), E-58, E-59, M-261, W-234, W-256, W-258, W-274, W-340, W-441, W-443, W-448, W-457, W-462, W-464, W-466, W-470

Methow Indians, DE-5, IT-57, M-261, M-268, MB-3, W-177, W-419, W-490, W-491, W-493, W-497, W-499, W-500, W-501, W-504, W-505, W-507, W-508, W-509, W-511, W-512, W-513, W-514, W-517

Methow Indians, Genealogy Prospects, M-261, M-268, W-419, W-490, W-493, W-497, W-499, W-500, W-501, W-505, W-507, W-511, W-514

Métis, E-26, E-43, E-48, M-8, M-14, M-15, M-18, M-74, M-94, M-96, M-105b, M-106, M-108, M-120, M-124, M-125, M-127b, M-128, M-129, M-130, M-132, M-134, M-135, M-137, M-138, M-139, M-143, M-216, M-221, M-229a, M-229b, M-240, M-242, M-250, M-258, M-261, M-272, MB-1, MB-2, MB-3, ON-4, QC-7, W-128, W-177, W-303, W-305, W-311, W-315, W-323, W-400, W-413, W-419, W-421, W-424, W-507, W-512

Métis, Genealogy Prospects (Canadian repositories not included), M-15, M-18, M-94, M-105b, M-106, M-108, M-124, M-125, M-127b, M-128, M-129, M-130, M-132, M-134, M-135, M-138, M-139, M-143, M-216, M-229a, M-229b, M-240, M-242, M-250, M-258, M-261, M-272, W-303, W-305, W-311, W-323, W-413, W-419, W-424, W-507

Metzger, Bishop Sidney Matthew, M-261, W-452

Mexican Springs Mission (Mexican Springs, Navajo Reservation, New Mexico), W-94, W-453

Meyer, Monsignor Omer F., M-261

Meyer, Reverend Barnabas, O.F.M., M-261, W-362

Meyer, Reverend Louis E., S.J., M-261

Meyer, Reverend Silverius, O.F.M., M-261

Meyer, Bishop Albert G., M-261, M-272

Meyer, Reverend Alfred, O.S.B., M-126, M-261

Meyer, Reverend Louis E., S.J., M-119, M-226, M-261

Meyers, Reverend Florentine, O.F.M., M-261

Miami Indians, E-6, M-28, M-106, M-113, M-165, M-171, M-191, M-261, W-453, QC-10

Miami Indians, Genealogy Prospects (Canadian repositories not included), M-28, M-106, M-113, M-165, M-171, M-191, W-453

Miamitown station (Oklahoma), M-165, M-261

Michaelian (St. Michael School, St. Michaels, Arizona), M-261

Micheltorena, Manuel, W-184

Michigan Historical Collections, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan), M-31

Michigan Missions; see individual missions in Michigan (names provided in diocesan entries)

Micmac Indians, W-130

Middle Village station (Michigan), M-261

Miege, Bishop John B. M-11, M-110a, M-261

Mille Lacs station (Minnesota), M-98b, M-273

Miller, D.E., M-103b

Miller, Reverend Cletus, O.S.B., M-261

Miller, Reverend Peter, S.C.J., M-252, M-261

Miller, Ruebin A., W-116

Milone, Bishop Anthony Michael, W-305

Milroy, Robert H., W-453

Minnesota Historical Society (St. Paul, Minnesota), M-71, M-96

Minnesota Missions; see individual missions in Minnesota (names provided in diocesan entries)

Misklow, Reverend Edward J., M-261

Misquito Indians, M-38

Mission/ Mission Fields at Home (Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Indians and Colored People, Bensalem/ Cornwells Heights, Pennsylvania), M-261

Mission 2000 Database, Tumacácori National Historical Park (Tumacacori, Arizona), W-117

Mission Agency station (California), M-261

Mission Bells (Mission High School, Hays/ St. Pauls, Fort Belknap Reservation, Montana), M-261

Mission Dolores (San Francisco, California); see San Francisco de Asís [Dolores] Mission (San Francisco, California)

Mission Indian, The (St. Boniface School, Banning, California), M-261, W-172, W-208

Mission la Soledad/ Nuestra Señora de la Soledad (Soledad, California), MX-3, MX-9, W-106, W-130, W-137, W-140, W-141, W-156, W-157, W-165, W-175, W-176, W-184, W-186, W-187, W-204, W-205, W-210, W-215, W-217, W-218, W-220, W-230, W-234, W-235, W-239, W-245, W-246, W-257, W-481, W-482

Mission San Luis (Tallahassee, Florida), E-12b

Missionaries of Charity, Generalate (Calcutta, India), E-34, IN-1, W-376

Missionaries of Charity, United States Foundation (Bronx, New York), E-34, IN-1, M-261, W-376

Missionaries of La Salette, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-29

Missionaries of La Salette, Mary, Mother of the Americas Province (Hartford, Connecticut), IT-29

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-30

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, United States Province (Aurora, Illinois), IT-30, M-1g, W-152, W-223

Missionary Benedictine Sisters (Norfolk, Nebraska), M-117, M-123, M-261

Missionary College of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de Zacatecas; see Senora de Guadalupe College (Zacatecas, Mexico)

Missionary College of Santa Cruz de Querétaro; see Franciscans, Santa Cruz de Querétaro College (Querrtaro, Mexico)

Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), E-32c, E-55, M-261

Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity (Arlington, Virginia), E-32c, E-64, M-261, W-108, W-351

Missions and Pueblos of the Old Southwest by Keith Wilson, W-366

Missionhurst, Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Arlington, Virginia); see Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Missionhurst (Arlington, Virginia)

Missions el Rancho (Nambe, New Mexico); see San Francisco [de Nambé/ de Asís] Mission (Nambe Pueblo, Nambe Reservation, New Mexico)

Missoula Mission (Missoula, Montana); see Christ the King Church/ Missoula Mission (Missoula, Montana)

Missouri Historical Society (St. Louis, Missouri), M-109

Mitchell, George V., M-261

Mitchell, Reverend Bertram, M-261, M-272

Mitchell, Sister Kateri, S.S.A. (Mohawk), E-15b, M-261, BC-4

Mitoyate Ho Ki He Miye, I am the Voice of My People (St. Francis High School, St. Francis, Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Mittelstadt, Reverend John, O.F.M., M-261

Mitty, Bishop John Joseph, M-261, W-480

Miwok Indians, M-261, MB-3, MX-1, MX-3, MX-9, W-106, W-126, W-130, W-131, W-146, W-148, W-165, W-179, W-182, W-184, W-187, W-197, W-206, W-210, W-217, W-219, W-224, W-225, W-230, W-232, W-233, W-234, W-236, W-237, W-240, W-257, W-481

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Modoc Indians, M-165, M-166, W-453

Modoc Indians, Genealogy Prospects, M-165, M-166, W-453

Modugno, Monsignor Thomas A., M-261

Moeller, Archbishop Henry, M-261

Mogollon, Flores, W-382

Mohave Indians, M-261, W-85, W-109, W-133, W-158, W-175, W-190, W-208, W-230, W-234, W-246

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Mohawk Indians, M-261; see also Iroquois Indians

Molina, Fray Miguel de, O.F.M., W-433

Molitor, Reverend Sabinus, O.F.M., M-108, M-255, M-261

Molloy, Bishop Thomas E., M-261

Momaday, Natachee (Kiowa), M-261

Monaghan, Bishop Francis J., M-261

Monaghan, Bishop John J., M-261

Monclova Presidio (Monclova, Mexico), W-104

Moncrief, Reverend Justin, O.F.M., M-261

Monica, Sister, C.S.J., W-104

Monleon, Fray Nicolas, O.F.M., W-455

Monnot, Reverend A.I., M-261

Mono Indians, M-261, W-148, W-184, W-201, W-210

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Monroe, Reverend Francis, S.J., W-512

Montana Catholic, The (Diocese of Helena, Helena, Montana), W-314

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Montana Missions; see individual missions in Montana (names provided in diocesan entries)

Montana State University-Billings (Billings, Montana), W-295

Montana State University-Bozeman (Bozeman, Montana), W-295

Montana State University-Havre (Havre, Montana), W-295

Montana, MB-3

Monterey Presidio (Monterey, California), W-204

Monterrey Cathedral (Monterrey, Mexico); see Nuestra Señora de Monterrey Cathedral (Monterrey, Mexico)

Montezuma, Doctor Carlos (Yavapai), M-261

Montgomery, Bishop George Thomas, M-261, W-184

Montoya, Porfiero (Santa Ana), W-346

Mooney, Cardinal Edward, M-261

Mooney, James, M-261

Mooney, Reverend Leo C., M-261

Moorehead, Warren K., M-261

Moorman, Reverend Otto J., S.J., M-261

Moose Lake station (Minnesota), M-273

Moose River station (Wisconsin), M-273

Mopope, Stephen (Kiowa), M-145a, M-145b, M-261

Mora Lake station (Minnesota), M-273

Mora y Borrell, Bishop Francisco, W-184

Moreau River station (Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota), M-203, M-261

Moreno, Bishop Manuel Duran, W-109

Morfi, Fray Juan Agustin de, O.F.M., W-478

Morgan, Reverend John M., M-261

Morgan, Thomas Jefferson, M-261, W-184

Morkovsky, Bishop John L.,M-261

Morning Star (Conception Abbey, Conception, Missouri), M-103b

Morning Star, The (Archdiocese of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana), E-17

Morning Star/ The Morning Star People (St. Labre School, Ashland, Montana), M-261, W-291

Mornis, Mother Basil, C.S.J., W-121

Morongo Reservation station (California), M-261, W-127

Morrell, Edward, M-261

Morrell, Reverend F.S., M-261

Morris, Bishop John B., M-261

Morrison, John G., M-71, M-261

Morstad, Reverend Erik Olsen (Methodist), M-261

Morvillo, Reverend Anthony, S.J., M-261, W-512

Most Holy Name of Jesus/ Holy Name of Jesus Church/ Mission and School, The (Assinins, Keweenah Bay/ L'anse Reservation, Michigan), M-32, M-33, M-37, M-38, M-50, M-111b, M-112, M-249b, M-261

Most Holy Redeemer Mission (Ogema/ White Earth, White Earth Reservation, Minnesota), M-69, M-71, M-72, M-73, M-83, M-101, M-102, M-261

Most Precious Blood Mission (Eufala, Oklahoma); see St. Paul/ Precious Blood Church/ Mission (Eufala, Oklahoma)

Mother Butler Center (Rapid City, South Dakota); see St. Isaac Jogues Church and Mother Butler Center (Rapid City, South Dakota)

Mother of God Church (Marshall, Alaska); see Type Church of Mary, the Mother of God/ Immaculate Heart of Mary (Marshall, Alaska), Immaculate Heart of Mary Church (Marshall, Alaska)

Mother of God Monastery (Watertown, South Dakota); see Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Gertrude, Mother of God Monastery (Watertown, South Dakota)

Mother of Sorrows Church (Apache, Oklahoma), M-145a, M-154b, M-171, M-195

Mounier, Reverend Hubert, O.F.M., M-261

Mount Angel Abbey (St. Benedict, Oregon); see Benedictines, Mount Angel Abbey (St. Benedict, Oregon)

Mount Carmel Mission (San Carmelo, Tohono O’odham Reservation, Arizona), W-102, W-109, W-234

Mount Michael Abbey (Elkhorn, Nebraska); see Benedictines, Mount Michael Abbey (Elkhorn, Nebraska)

Mount Pleasant (Michigan), M-261

Mount St. Benedict Monastery (Crookston, Minnesota); see Benedictine Sisters of Pontifical Jurisdiction, The Federation of St. Gertrude, Mount St. Benedict Monastery (Crookston, Minnesota)

Mount St. Michael Scholasticate (Hillyard, Washington), W-512

Mousseau, Louis P. (Oglala), M-261

Mouth of Fisher River station (Wisconsin), M-273

Mouth of Yellow River station (Wisconsin), M-242

Moylan, Monsignor Joseph E., M-261

Moynihan, Sister Geraldine, C.D.P., W-467

Mrak, Bishop/ Reverend Ignatius, AT-2, M-11, M-37, M-53, M-261, W-508

Mueller, Bishop Joseph M., M-261

Muench, Cardinal/ Archbishop Aloisius, E-5, M-129, M-216, M-261

Muench, Josef, W-70

Mulcahy, Reverend George D., M-261

Mulcahy, Reverend Martin, M-191

Mullan, John, M-261; see also Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions (Washington, D.C.)

Mullaney, Reverend Mother Mary Clementina, O.S.F., W-418

Mulligan, Reverend William, M-261

Mulloney, Reverend William L., M-261

Mulloy, Bishop William T., M-261

Mundwiler, Abbot Fintan, O.S.B., CH-1, , M-216, M-235, M-261

Munk, Joseph Amasa, W-165

Munoz, Fray Pedro, O.F.M., W-230

Murphy, Abbot Bernard J., O.S.B., M-171, M-261

Murphy, Archbishop Thomas Joseph, M-261, M-262d, W-305, W-505

Murphy, Reverend Joseph F., O.S.B., M-184, M-261

Murphy, Sister Macaria, F.S.P.A., M-241, M-256, M-261

Murray, Bishop John G., M-261

Murtaugh, Reverend Patrick, M-191

Museo Paralelo (Guerrero Negro, Mexico), W-130

Muset, Reverend Paul, S.J., M-261, W-512

Museum für Volkerkunde (Vienna, Austria), AT-3

Museum of New Mexico, Fray Angelico Chavez History Library (Santa Fe, New Mexico), W-381

Museum of Northern Arizona (Flagstaff, Arizona), W-69, W-385

Museum of the Plains Indian (Browning, Blackfeet Reservation, Montana), W-298

Muskegon station (Michigan), M-46

Muskogee Indians; see Creek Indians

Muskogee station (Creek Nation, Oklahoma), M-161, M-162, M-164, M-166, M-191, M-261

Muszelewicz, Reverend Paul, O.F.M., M-261