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Race of Sorrows, The (St. Labre Mission, Ashland, Montana), M-261, M-262d, W-291

Rademaker, Reverend Markan, O.F.M., M-261

Rael, Alfredo (Picuris), W-346

Ragaru, Reverend Aloysius, S.J., W-512

Rahill, Reverend Peter J., E-5, M-261

Rainy Mountain station (Oklahoma), M-145a

Ramírez, Fray Juan, O.F.M., W-341

Ramírez, Padre Ignacio, O.P., W-184

Ramona Reservation station (California), W-124, W-208

Raphael, Sister, O.S.B., M-240, M-261

Rappagliosi, Reverend Filippo, M-110a

Rascher, Reverend Oscar, M-261, M-272

Ration, Raymond (Navajo), W-346

Ration, Tom (Navajo), W-346

Rattlesnake station (New Mexico), W-387

Raufer, Sister Marie Ilma, O.P., M-261, M-268, W-513

Ravalli, Reverend Anthony, S.J., M-110a, W-315, W-512

Ravoux, Reverend Augustin, M-94, M-96, M-261

Ray, J.E.R., M-261

Ray, Sister Mary Dominic, O.P., W-257

Raymond, Mother, S.B.S., M-261

Raymond, Reverend Charles, M-261

Ready, Bishop Michael J., M-261

Real Audencia de Guadelajara, W-382

Real, Fray Antonio, O.F.M., W-184

Real, Fray José Suárez del, O.F.M., W-217

Reardon, Reverend James, M-94

Rebeaux, Reverend, S.J., W-18

Rechsteiner, Reverend Mathias, O.F.M., M-261, W-234

Red Cliff Reservation station (Wisconsin), M-242, M-243, M-261

Red Cloud Country (Red Cloud School, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Red Cloud News (Red Cloud School, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Red Cloud School/ Holy Rosary Mission and School (Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), DE-2, DE-3, E-10, E-44, IT-57, M-20a, M-51, M-110a, M-113, M-118, M-208, M-213, M-215, M-222, M-226, M-229b, M-234, M-240, M-261, M-264, W-266, W-512, W-527

Red Cloud Speaks (Red Cloud School, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Red Cloud, Chief (Oglala), M-222, M-261

Red Cloud, James H. “Jim” (Oglala), M-222, M-261

Red Cloud's Dream (Red Cloud School, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Red Fork station (Oklahoma), M-166, M-192

Red Lake station (Red Lake Reservation, Minnesota), M-102, M-261

Red Lake/ Redlake Benedictine (St. Mary Mission, Red Lake, Minnesota), M-70, M-261

Red Owl, Edward M. [O.S.B.] (Dakota? Yankton?), M-261

Red Rock station (Navajo Reservation, Arizona), W-387

Red Water Chapel (Red Water, Fort Peck Reservation, Montana), AT-1, W-323

Red Willow, Joseph (Oglala), M-222, M-261

Red Wind Indian Center (Santa Margarita, California), W-234

Redemptorists, Denver Province (Denver, Colorado), IT-35, M-46, M-60, M-254, M-261, W-51, W-265, W-464, W-465

Redemptorists, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-35

Redemptorists, Oakland Province (Oakland, California), IT-35, W-265

Redemptorists, St. Louis Province (St. Louis, Missouri), IT-35, W-32, W-265, W-465

Redman, Reverend Francis, O.F.M., M-261

Redwater, Martha Little Chief (unknown), M-261

Redwood Crozier, The (Diocese of Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, California), W-240

Redwood station (California), W-251

Reed, Bishop Victor J., M-171, M-191, M-261

Reel, Estelle, M-261

Regan, Reverend John E., M-261

Regis, Sister, F.C.S.D., M-261

Register, Nevada Edition, The (The San Francisco Monitor, Archdiocese of San Francisco, California), W-337

Register, The (Diocese of Helena, Helena, Montana), W-314

Register, The Nevada Edition (Archdiocese of Denver, Denver, Colorado), W-337

Regular Franciscans, Generalate (Rome, Italy), IT-36

Regular Franciscans, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Province (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), IT-36, M-35, M-39, M-45, M-214b, M-215

Rehring, Bishop George J., M-261

Reichard, Gladys, W-116

Reicher, Monsignor Louis J., M-261

Reid, Ella (Nooksack), W-486

Reidy, Monsignor James B., M-261

Reifel, Benjamin (Brulé), M-261

Reilly, Sister Barbara, C.S.J., W-121

Reilly, Sister St. Barbara, R.S.M., M-111b

Reinberg, Reverend Francis A., M-261

Reineck, Sister Mary Seraphica, O.S.F., M-5b, M-261

Religious Architecture of New Mexico in the Colonial Period and Since the American Occupation, The, by George Kubler, W-346

Religious of the Sacred Heart (Florissant, Missouri), E-17

Religious Rites of the Tiwa Indians Honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe in Tortugas, New Mexico, The, by John Haas, W-365

Renaldo, Duncan, W-528

René, Reverend John B., S.J., M-261, W-512

Renewal (Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico), W-378

Rengel, Joseph Antonio, W-382

Renner, Reverend Louis, S.J., M-261, W-18, W-512

Report of the American Board of Catholic Missions to the American Episcopate (Chicago, Illinois), M-261

Résé, Bishop John Fréderic, AT-2, AT-3, M-11, M-37

Retired Crusader, The (Holy Rosary Mission, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Rettenmaier, Sister Ambrosia, O.S.B., M-93

Reuss, Henry S., M-261

Reuter, B.A., W-381

Reverman, Bishop Theodore H., M-261, M-272

Revista Católica (Santa Fe, New Mexico), W-378

Rey, Ysidro, W-382

Rhoads, Charles J., M-261

Rhode, Bishop Paul P., M-261

Rice Dam School station (Minnesota), M-68

Rice, Bishop Joseph, M-261

Richard, Reverend Gabriel, M-1b, M-11, M-37, M-39, M-46, M-106, M-254

Richter, Bishop Henry J., M-45, M-261

Ricklin, Reverend Isidore, O.S.B., M-145b, M-184, M-261, W-118

Riebe, Reverend Loren, S.V.D., E-7, W-171

Riebenthaler, Reverend Lawrence, O.S.B., M-14, M-261

Riel, Louis (Métis), M-261, W-307, W-315

Riemann, Reverend Stanislaus, O.F.M., M-261, W-184

Riester, Reverend Albert, C.S.J., M-261

Riggs, Reverend Stephen R. (Protestant), M-110a

Riordan, Archbishop Patrick William, M-261, W-182, W-205

Ripperda, Baron de, W-455

Risen Savior Mission (Bluewater, New Mexico), W-349, W-356

Ritter, Cardinal/ Archbishop Joseph E., M-261

Riverside Chapel (Vida, Fort Peck Reservation, Montana), AT-1, W-323

Riverside/ Brockton Mission/ Chapel (Brockton, Fort Peck Reservation, Montana), AT-1, M-261, W-323

Rivet, Reverend Jean F., M-11

Roach, Archbishop John R., M-261

Roan Bear, Edward (Sans Arc), M-261

Robaut, Reverend Aloysius, S.J., M-261, W-512

Roberts, William O., M-261

Robertson, Reverend Kenneth, O.F.M., M-261, W-346

Robinson, Reverend Edmund J., S.J., M-261

Robinson, Will G., M-252

Robot, Reverend Isidore, O.S.B., M-1a, M-184, M-261

Roccati, Reverend Aloysius, S.J., W-512

Rock Point station (Navajo Reservation, Arizona), W-81

Rock, Elizabeth (Ojibwa), M-261

Roden, Reverend William L., M-261

Rodriguez, Sister Mary, C.D.P., M-261

Rodwell Nursing Home station (Minnesota), M-87

Roeder, Monsignor John B., M-261

Roell, Monsignor Francis A., M-261

Rogers, Will (Cherokee), M-261

Rohder, Reverend John Regis, O.F.M., M-261

Roin, Balone de (Otoe), M-261

Rolette, J. Joseph, M-135, M-261, MB-1

Rolla station (North Dakota), M-138, M-139

Roman, Dorothy (Jemez), W-346

Romantino, Fray Bernardino de Portu, O.F.M., W-234

Romo, Fray José Maria, O.F.M., W-234

Rompe, Reverend Walfrid, O.F.M., W-234

Rooney, Reverend Raymond F., M-261

Roosevelt Chapel (Roosevelt, Fort Peck Reservation, Montana), AT-1, W-323

Roosevelt, Franklin D., M-261

Roosevelt, Theodore, M-261

Rosary (Holy Rosary School, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Rosary Update (Holy Rosary Mission, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota), M-261

Rosati, Bishop Joseph, C.M., M-5a, M-39, M-106, M-268, W-419, W-421

Rosebud Reservation station (South Dakota), M-131

Rosen, Reverend Peter, M-11, M-261

Rosenthal, Reverend Aloys, O.M.I., E-8

Rosminians, Institute of Charity (Peoria, Illinois), E-32c, M-5c

Rosque, Reverend Theodore O., M-261

Ross, W.T., W-105

Rossenbach, Reverend Joseph, C.S.Sp., M-261

Rossi, Reverend Crispinus, S.J., M-261, W-512

Rossiter, Mother Mary Agnes, C.S.J., M-112

Roubideaux, Etta “Mrs. Chester” (Brulé), M-261, W-170

Rougé, Reverend E. de, S.J., M-261, W-511

Rougé, Reverend R. de, S.J., M-261

Rougé, Reverend Stephen de, S.J., W-512

Roulette, Reverend J. Joseph, M-135, M-108, M-261, MB-1

Round Lake station (Minnesota), M-66, M-69, M-89, M-102

Round Lake station (Wisconsin), M-273

Round Rock Mission (Round Rock, Navajo Reservation, Arizona); see Our Lady of Guadalupe/ the Rock/ Round Rock Mission (Round Rock, Navajo Reservation, Arizona)

Round Valley Reservation station (California), W-206, W-251

Rouquette, Reverend Adrian, E-17, M-11

Rousset de Jesús y Rosas, Bishop Francisco, O.F.M., W-234

Routzahn, Billye, W-18

Roux, Reverend Benedict, M-106

Rowe, Bishop P.J., M-261

Rowe, Reverend Kenneth F., M-261

Rowe, Willie Reed, W-459

Roy, J.C. (Ojibwa), M-261

Royal Audiencia (Mexico), W-382

Rubio, Fray José María de Jesus Gonzáles, O.F.M., W-146, W-184, W-234, W-237

Ruby station (Oklahoma), M-193

Rudin, Reverend Remy, O.F.M., M-261

Ruggle, Reverend J.L., M-261

Ruhl, Reverend Edward U., M-261

Rulo station (Nebraska), M-261

Rummel, Archbishop/ Bishop Joseph F., M-118, M-261

Runnebaum, Reverend Conran, O.F.M., M-261

Ruppert, Reverend Frederick, S.J., W-512

Russei Creek station (Oklahoma), M-165, M-261

Russell, Bishop John J., M-261

Russell, Bishop/ Monsignor William T., M-261

Ryan, Archbishop John Joseph Thomas, M-261, W-2

Ryan, Archbishop Joseph T., M-261

Ryan, Archbishop P.J., M-261

Ryan, Bishop James H., M-118, M-261

Ryan, Bishop Vincent J., E-5, M-126, M-135, M-136, M-261

Ryan, James R., M-261

Ryan, Mother Agnes Gonzaga, C.S.J., M-112, M-261

Ryan, Mother Edna, O.S.F., M-259

Ryan, Reverend Benedict J., O.S.B., M-171, M-261

Ryan, Reverend John J., M-23, M-24, M-261

Ryan, Reverend M.A., M-261

Ryan, Reverend Vincent J., M-261

Ryan, Reverend William J., S.J., M-261, W-512

Ryan, Sister Peter, C.S.J., M-111b