Large Printing


All poster submissions are reviewed by DSLab staff to ensure efficient use of the printer and resources. Posters under 42 inches may be rotated to conserve paper.

Properly formatted poster submissions will be printed within three business days (Monday-Friday, excluding holiday and break periods) and can be paid for / picked up at the Raynor Reserves & Media Services Desk (Raynor Lower Level). Students are notified via e-mail when the print is ready for pick-up.

Cost: 26 cents per linear inch of paper spooled from the roll. For example at 36" x 48" poster would cost $12.48 (48 x .26).

Digital Scholaship Lab staff can provide a cost estimate if needed.

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We can provide you access to the following Large Printing hardware:

All Equipment & Hardware


We have the following Large Printing software available to use on workstations located in the lower level of Raynor Library.

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • illustrator

All Software

Digital Toolbox

We have assessed a number of tools that may assist you in your work. The Digital Toolbox will help you discover tools that are suited specifically to your project needs.

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