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Text a LibrarianDo you have a quick question about the Libraries?

For example ...

  • Does the library have this book?
  • How long is the check-out period for books?
  • How late is the library open tonight?
  • How do I get to the database Lexis-Nexis from the library homepage?
  • How do I log into RefWorks from off-campus?
  • What database should I use to find articles on multiple sclerosis?

When you're on the move, or not near a computer, you can send a text message directly to a librarian at (414) 678-1868.

During the hours that librarians staff the Information Desk, a text reply will be sent shortly after the librarian receives your question. Messages sent outside these hours will be answered the next time a librarian is available.

Users may ask a librarian reference questions by phone, email, instant messaging, and in-person. Text a Librarian provides users with one more means of getting help from librarians.

How to contact a librarian:

By phone (voice): (414) 288-7556
By email:
By IM (Instant Message)
In person: at the Information Desk, or with a research consultation