ILL Direct Service

Users of certain FirstSearch (OCLC) databases (listed below) are be able to request needed items directly from within the database while searching. This service enables users to initiate interlibrary loan requests (both books and articles) without completing additional paper or online request forms. Additionally, since the complete citation is captured from the database, delays are reduced by eliminating transcription errors.

List of applicable databases:

Here's how it works:

Search the database as usual. When a search produces a list of records, click on items of interest to see the full record for each item. To obtain an item via ILL, click on the “ILL” icon in the gray bar along the top of the record. Note that if there is more than one record for an item, users should be sure of the edition, language, etc., before requesting. Items with the most holding libraries can usually be obtained more quickly. See this example from EconLit:

screen capture from EconLit

For best results note the following tips:

In WorldCat searches, notice the dropdown choice for ranking results; the best ILL option is “Number of Libraries.”

In FirstSearch databases, items held at Marquette are usually identified by the note MARQUETTE UNIV, MEMORIAL LIBR These items may not be requested. Re-check MARQCAT and ask at the Circulation Desk if library items cannot be located.

All ILL borrowing limits apply--no more than 10 requests may be submitted per week, regardless of method of request.

Be sure to complete all items on request form; add notes in the special box if more information will help staff.

ILL service is available only to current members of the Marquette community.

For further information or assistance, contact the Interlibrary Loan Department at (414) 288-1997. The Raynor Information Desk (414) 288-7556 will also be able to answer questions or demonstrate the service.


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