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The Macintosh (Mac) computers have the software, hardware, and accessories listed below.

There are several mac computers with scanners located on the first floor of Raynor Library.

Click here for the full Mac software/hardware list.

They are located on the purple color coded areas on the Raynor first floor and Raynor second floor maps below.

  • Raynor Lower Level
  • Raynor First Floor
  • Raynor Second Floor
  • Memorial Second Floor
raynor lower level
raynor level one macs
raynor level two
memorial level two


Mac Software, Hardware and Accessories List

Category Application Version
CD Writing

All macs include internal CD-RW drives.

Adobe CS4 Design Premium Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0.0
  Adobe Dreamweaver 10.0
  Adobe Flash 10.0
  Adobe Indesign 6.0.1
  Adobe Photoshop 11.0.01
  Adobe Fireworks 10.0.0495
Desktop Publishing Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0.0
  Adobe Indesign 6.0.1
  iPhoto 8.0.2
Graphics Adobe Illustrator 14.0.0
  Adobe Photoshop 11.0.01
  Adobe Fireworks 10.0.495
Internet Browser Camino Version 1.6.7Int
  Firefox 3.0.7
  Safari Version 4 Public Beta
ILife Suite '09 Garageband 5.0.1
  iCal 3.0.6
  iDVD 7.0.3
  iMovie 8.0.1
  iPhoto 8.0.2
  iTunes 8.1.1
Math and Statistics Maple 12.0
Media Players IDVD 7.0.3
  iTunes 8.1.1
Microsoft Office Suite Microsoft Excel Mac 2008
  Microsoft Powerpoint Mac 2008
  Microsoft Word Mac 2008
Operating System Mac OS X  
Other Applications Calculator 4.2
  Dictionary 2.0.2
  Google Earth 5.0.11337.1968 (beta)
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint Mac 2008
Scanner Software Epson Scan 2.77A Only available on the two mac scanner computers on Raynor Level One.
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel Mac 2008
Video Editing iMovie 8.0.1
Web Editing Adobe Dreamweaver 10.0
  Adobe Flash 10.0
Word Processor Microsoft Word Mac 2008

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