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It’s a worldwide plan

It’s a worldwide plan

Ratcheting up international outreach

A group of alumni pulls chairs up to the table and reminisces about Marquette. But this group hasn’t gathered for Reunion Weekend, and it’s not the Marquette Club of New York. These 25 alumni live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They represent a growing trend among alumni in far-flung corners of the world to find one another and set up successful social networks.

In Indonesia, alums celebrate weddings and births together and always try to attend Marquette’s education fairs to chat with prospective students. “We spread the positive points for studying at Marquette,” says Paula Budiono, Bus Ad ’04.

Now the Office of International Education, which establishes wonderful educational partnerships abroad and recruits international students, and the Marquette University Alumni Association, which has built a powerful network of alumni clubs throughout the United States, are tapping into this growing global network. And they want help from alumni everywhere in mapping a comprehensive plan for how the university and international alumni can help each other.

“We’re expanding our idea of who international alumni are to include those who live and work outside the United States as well as those who came from overseas to study at Marquette,” says Mike Groen, assistant director of OIE. “We also want to expand how we connect with them, and how they can help in terms of recruiting students in their countries.”

Want to help? Visit and click on “survey” to tell the university how it could expand its work with international alumni. JMM


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