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Web Exclusive

Nursing, learning and blogging in Peru

By Tim Olsen

One moment Marquette nursing student Leah Taugher was touring a hospital surgical unit in Piura, Peru. The next she was observing the assessment of a newborn who had just arrived via C-section.

Taugher, a senior from Hartland, Wis., is one of nine College of Nursing students spending a month in Piura, a city along the coast in northwestern Peru.

The students are accompanied by Dr. Darlene Weis, associate professor emerita of nursing, and Dr. Ruth Ann Belknap, associate professor of nursing, completing their community health clinical while there. Although they work primarily in area homes, a local clinic and a hospice which was founded by Kay Redmond, Nurs '77 they also visit an emergency room and teach illness prevention and health-related information to elementary school children. In addition to learning about the Peruvian health care system, students are introduced to an alcohol and drug abuse clinic and a women's domestic violence group.

Perhaps the highlight of Taugher's trip so far chronicled on her blog was the sudden participation in the newborn assessment following the C-section. "Someone handed me a mask, gown, footies and gloves and rambled off something in Spanish that I did not understand," she said. "But next thing I knew I was standing next to the neonatologist with the newborn in the assessment room. He even let me hold the precious little newborn."

A few more pictures from their travels in Peru:

Follow their adventures in these student blogs:

Leah Taugher "After being in Piura for only three days these people have already changed my life."

Emily Peiffer "Their baby girl, Jessica Stephanie, named after two Marquette nursing students from last year is now 4 months, chubby and adorable!"

Chelsea Keenan "I travelled to Piura in 2007 with my high school, and upon leaving, I absolutely knew in my heart that I would be returning again. Fate led me to Marquette's College of Nursing and with a little luck, I was accepted into this program and will see Piura again, but this time, as a future nurse."

Megan Paterkiewicz "We followed our tour guide into Machu Picchu, and we were all immediately taken aback by the beauty. I think we were all on the verge of tears."

Rachael Rogers "It is going to be a lot of work, but this is why I came here: I came to teach, to help those who need help, and to share my knowledge and love with the people of Piura. I only hope that I can make as huge of an impact on the people as they have already made on me in these past three days."

Marianne Cassidy "At this moment it dawned on me that we could really help these people out, and hopefully make a difference in their lives and the lives of those out in the community."


Comment by Joella Cramblit at Jul 07 2011 02:45 pm
I am very proud of these young women who represent our country and Marquette Univ. What an impression they are making . I am especially proud of my granddaughter, Marianne Cassidy
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