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Adrenaline junkie

Tom Classick, Arts ’77, loves an adrenaline rush.

Like the one he got when he stepped off a ledge 27 stories above State Street in downtown Chicago.

Classick participated in Skyline Plunge Chicago, a rappel event sponsored by the Respiratory Health Association to raise funds for lung disease research and programs. He immediately agreed when Marquette college buddy Jack Skagerberg, Grad ’79, asked him to sign up. Classick rappelled in memory of Ben Fisher, his baseball teammate in a men’s league in Fairfax Station, Va., who passed away from lung cancer in December. Classick watched for two years as Fisher was treated for cancer and lost his strength but still took the field.

“When someone in their 60s is suffering from lung cancer, but they still come out and support the team in any way they can, it’s really an inspiration,” Classick says.

Though his friends and family called Classick crazy, they still helped him raise $1,800, nearly twice the fundraising minimum.

The rappel was a way for Classick to cross an item off his bucket list while doing good. He’s looking forward to where he’ll find his next dose of adrenaline. It’s something he seeks, whether it’s through BASE jumping, sky diving or other extreme sports.

“I’m 56 now, and I just think you shouldn’t have to give up a passion for the thrill because you’re getting older,” he says. “So what’s up next? Maybe bungee jumping out of a helicopter.” Jennifer Szink


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