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Marquette senior Miller camps out to cast Milwaukee’s first vote

By Chris Jenkins
Photo courtesy Katie Miller, arts and sciences senior

There’s early voting. And then there’s really early voting, the kind that Katie Miller and a few other Marquette students did last month.

Miller, a senior majoring in political science and international affairs, was part of a small group of students who camped overnight in front of a Milwaukee municipal building so they could be first in line when Wisconsin’s early voting period began Oct. 22.

Miller was the first to complete and hand in her ballot after the doors opened at 8:30 a.m. She was excited to finally be old enough to vote for president, as well as having her say in a critical senate race.

“To be able to say I was the first person in Milwaukee to cast both those votes is really exciting,” Miller says.

Miller did actually try to get some sleep the night before, but she also spent part of the time throwing footballs and Frisbees while talking to fellow students. A few people brought guitars.

“We even had live music!” she says.

With her vote already cast, Miller knows the race will be close on election night.

“To me, it was really exciting,” Miller says. “Being in a swing state, in this really intense political environment, is really interesting.”

And now that she’s free from having to stand in line on election day, Miller plans to join other students in a get-out-the-vote campaign.

“It gives us time to volunteer and get other people there,” she says.


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