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Web Exclusive

OK, Marquette fans, let’s see what you’ve got. Test your knowledge and warm up for the postseason by taking our MU hoops quiz. Answers are at the bottom of this page (no peeking!).

1) Which of the following schools was NOT one of Marquette’s opponents in its first men’s basketball season, in 1916-17?

a) Whitewater–Normal
b) Wisconsin
c) Concordia (Wis.)

d) Carroll

2) In which Final Four host city did Marquette win the 1977 NCAA championship?

a) New Orleans
b) Los Angeles
c) Houston
d) Atlanta

3) What was Buzz Williams’ first HEAD coaching job?

a) Texas A&M–Kingsville
b) University of New Orleans
c) Navarro College
d) Marquette University

4) Which former Marquette basketball player is a current university trustee?

a) Glenn “Doc” Rivers
b) George Thompson
c) Jim McIlvaine
d) Steve Novak

5) Which NBA team did Maurice Lucas win an NBA title with in 1976-77?

a) New York Knicks
b) Phoenix Suns
c) Seattle SuperSonics
d) Portland Trail Blazers

6) Dwyane Wade was the No. 5 overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft. Which of the following players was NOT selected ahead of him?

a) LeBron James
b) Darko Milicic
c) Devin Harris
d) Chris Bosh

7) Who was Marquette’s leading scorer in 1976-77?

a) Butch Lee
b) Bo Ellis
c) Jerome Whitehead
d) Jim Boylan

8) Put Marquette’s top five career scorers in order, beginning with the leader:

a)  Jerel McNeal, George Thompson, Lazar Hayward, Butch Lee, Dominic James.
b) George Thompson, Jerel McNeal, Lazar Hayward, Butch Lee, Tony Smith.
c) George Thompson, Lazar Hayward, Jerel McNeal, Butch Lee, Travis Diener.
d) Jerel McNeal, Lazar Hayward, George Thompson, Dominic James, Butch Lee.

9) Who is Marquette’s all-time leading rebounder?

a) Bo Ellis
b) Terry Rand
c) Don Kojis
d) Lazar Hayward

10) Marquette retired jersey No. 11. Why?

a) To honor former player Dean Meminger.
b) To honor the crew of the Apollo 11 space mission.
c) To honor former player Butch Lee.
d) To honor former athletic trainer Robert Weingart.


1) (b) Wisconsin

2) (d) Atlanta

3) (b) University of New Orleans

4) (a) Doc Rivers

5) (d) Portland Trail Blazers

6) (c) Devin Harris

7) (a) Butch Lee, 19.6 ppg

8) (d) McNeal, Hayward, Thompson, James, Lee.

9) (c) Don Kojis

10) (b) To honor the Apollo 11 crew


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