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Cash Cab at Marquette

What antibiotic comes from blue cheese? Where was St. Joan of Arc Chapel originally built? If you answered penicillin and France, get set for a profitable ride on Marquette’s Cash Cab.

Based on the Discovery Channel’s popular television show, this Marquette University Student Government and Department of Public Safety program rewards students for being safe  and shrewd. As the white (Cash Cab) LIMO Express loops around Wisconsin Avenue and Wells Street, lucky late-night travelers answer four levels of trivia questions for the chance to win gift cards to local eateries.

“It encourages the use of the LIMOs when traveling around campus and teaches students a little bit about Marquette and DPS at the same time,” says senior Matt McGonegle, MUSG programming vice president.

With free burritos, subs and frappuccinos on the line, there’s plenty of enthusiasm for this trivia contest. Although only one rider can play at a time, fellow passengers are free to help. Can’t think of that fourth pillar of Marquette’s mission? No sweat. Contestants get two strikes and the phone-a-friend option. (The Alumni Memorial Union info desk is a popular pal on Cash Cab nights.)

One recent evening, thanks in part to a quick-thinking brunette in the back who shouted out an earlier answer, College of Nursing sophomore Katie Suhling nailed a level-four toughie and won a $25 Jimmy Johns certificate. Her trivia triumph? She correctly identified the LIMO acronym (Local Intercampus Mobile Operation). JB


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