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The next evolution for Marquette

The environmental scan conducted last fall provided great insight into some of the demographic expectations, shifts in educational needs of students and institutional changes on the horizon for higher education. Here are some of the most significant changes Marquette identified:

Non-traditional students will become a larger segment of the market, and the potential pool for future students will be more diverse.

Loans and decreasing federal financial aid will place significant economic pressure on students seeking access to higher education.

Marquette must compete with peer institutions that currently have significantly larger endowments to support educational programs and student financial aid.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 21-percent increase in jobs requiring master’s-level preparation in the next decade.

Students, faculty and staff expect universities to provide sustainable access to the wide range of technologies that enable new modes of research and learning.

Increasing focus on interdisciplinary and global perspectives, which are often necessary for addressing significant research problems and attracting competitive external funding. LCS



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