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Tales from Preview

By Jessie Bazan, communication senior

Tradition has it that the place to meet fellow first years is the Orientation Square Dance. But we've also heard many tales from best friends, future spouses and groups of lifelong pals who met during Preview before the move-in madness.

As Marquette's newest students wrap up Preview 2013, here are a couple of our favorite stories. Share yours in the comment box below.

"My best friend, Mallory Steinberg, Comm '08, and I sat next to each other in a group session at Preview, and have been friends ever since. We were both from small towns, had weird summer jobs, were future PR majors and bonded over the fact that no one else would talk in our group session. We hit if off immediately, but didn't exchange any contact information. (That was before facebook.) We told each other that we'd look for the other on our first day of Comm 001, so we could sit by a friendly face. On move-in day, I was walking around to meet other girls on my floor in Cobeen, and low and behold, Mal was there! She had transferred into Cobeen later that summer. From that day on, she's been one of my closest friends having been with me through really great times and really challenging ones. We both moved out east after graduation, and it was always great to call her and know that someone else was just as homesick as I was. It's amazing what would have happened had we not been in that Preview group. I'm hoping I still would have run into her."

Cassandra Koehler, Comm '08

"I met Josh Parkinson, Eng '03, on the 13th Street sidewalk as I stepped out of my parent's van the day they delivered me to Marquette for Preview, and we hit it off immediately. Over the years, our friendship ebbed and flowed as they do in college but always remained strong. In 2011, Josh married his longtime girlfriend and fellow Marquette alum, Ashley (Miller) Parkinson, Comm '06. I'm pretty sure I was their best man because the audience was mostly family, and I'm the one who played the "Wedding March" on my iPhone during the ceremony at the courthouse. Love those two."

Collin Burton, Comm '03

"This isn't really my story, it's my daughter's, but at Preview 2010, we were walking over to Straz Tower in the rain and, since we're from Arizona and don't understand the concept of precipitation anymore, we weren't prepared and were getting very wet. I saw two guys in front of us with umbrellas and said to Catharine, Arts '14, 'Hey! They're going to the same place we are. Let's go make friends with them so we can get out of the rain!' Turns out it was Willie Jolly, Bus Ad '14, and his dad, Steve, and Catharine and Willie have been dating since the middle of freshman year."

Brigid Skoog, current parent

"My dear friend Emily Kelley, Arts '08, from Omaha was my Preview small group leader. Four months later, I was going through sorority rush, and she happened to be the first Alpha Phi I met before joining that sorority it was fate! She became my big sister in Alpha Phi, and to this day we keep in touch, all because I recognized her from Preview. I knew I was in good hands!"

Katie George, Comm '09

We'd love to hear your stories, too!


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