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All in the family

Early this year, the university released the video Find your way home. News about the 90-second film moved like lightning through social media and quickly garnered more than 12,000 views on YouTube.

Broad collaboration produced this home movie. Marquette’s Office of Marketing and Communication concepted and produced it. A request relayed on Facebook to use real names and profile pictures in the film resulted in hundreds of responses from students and alumni eager to participate. Cinematographer Robb Fischer, Sp ’84, filmed the opening and ending scenes in front of Marquette Hall with then-student Alexis Lozinak, Comm ’13, in the lead role. From there, editor Kevin Klimek, Comm ’92, of Milwaukee-based post-production facility Independent Edit finessed the raw footage.

A music track by Jones Street Station with band member Danny Erker, Arts ’01, tied it all together. The track, The Understanding, was pulled from a music video featuring Danny Pudi, Comm ’98, and Monica West, Comm ’01.

“Around the same time (Pudi) started working on Community, my band happened to be in LA for a gig,” Erker says. “He gave us a tour of his set and introduced us to the rest of the cast, including Alison Brie, who now regularly performs with Jones Street Station. When it came time to do a video for The Understanding, it just made sense to include Danny and Monica. They’re two of my best pals who happen to also be terrific actors.” LB

The Jones Street Station’s lyrics in Find your way home speak to alumni and students, particularly the refrain: “Turn to a stranger, take his hand, then you’ll understand.”

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