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Foul ball

As a sideline reporter, Sophia Minnaert, Comm ’09, has to think on her feet and stay on her toes.

Minnaert caught the attention of Milwaukee Brewers fans earlier this year when she effortlessly transitioned from English to Spanish during an interview of infielder Yuniesky Betancourt, a native of Cuba who speaks limited English.

The moment came naturally to Minnaert; she grew up in Madison, but her mother is from Costa Rica.

“My grandparents don’t speak any English,” she says. “So we had to. It was a rule. Growing up, that was all we spoke at home.”

And that wasn’t even Minnaert’s biggest on-air moment for the Fox Sports Wisconsin network this season. That distinction came courtesy of a wayward baseball that knocked the microphone out of her hand on live TV during the May 25 game against Pittsburgh.

She shook it off and went right back to work, finishing her segment of the broadcast. The video of that moment and her recovery went viral. ESPN’s SportsCenter showed the clip as part of its “Not Top 10 Plays” bloopers segment. It has been viewed more than 220,000 times on Fox Sports YouTube channel and countless more times on Major League Baseball’s website and elsewhere.

Minnaert calls her overnight fame “very bizarre” and noted that she was fortunate not to get hurt.

“The video’s ridiculous. You just have to laugh,” she says, “because I was fine. It’s funny, but to me there was no other option other than to pick up and keep going. That’s what you do.” Chris Jenkins


Comment by Essie Willis Cannon, '51 Arts at Oct 31 2013 05:21 pm
Of course Sophia followed through. She could mo less. After all she has MU 'CLASS'!!!
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