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Campus replay
Guinness world record? Brrr-ing it on.

In February 1988, some 150 College of Engineering students, faculty and alumni mittened-up to break one of the coolest records ever by building the world’s largest snowman.

When all was said and done, the city’s newest wintry pal, named Miller, stood a whopping 52 feet, 9 inches tall and weighed 1.4 million pounds. The colossal creation beat Dartmouth University’s previous world record by more than 5 feet.

For two weeks, the engineering team took turns packing snow into cylinder-shaped molds  16,000 molds to be exact. They assembled the cylinders inside a hollow cone structure to achieve the three-decker snowman shape. At night, a snow machine blew snow inside the core of the snowman. A 40-foot scarf encircled Miller’s neck.

Miller towered above the freeway overpass on the corner of West Juneau Avenue and North 3rd Street during Milwaukee’s Winter Fun Fest. Then-freshman Kelly Kroll reported to The Marquette Tribune: “My arms are sore, but it’s worth it.”

A group from Maine packed a 122-footer in 2008, seizing the Guinness glory from Marquette. JB


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