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Fourteen pieces of advice for the Class of 2014

By: Liz McGovern

Alumni offer wisdom ranging from listen to your inner voice to pay yourself first (translation, bank some of every paycheck). Here are some golden nuggets. See it all on the Marquette University Alumni Association Facebook page.

1.    Get a job before starting grad school. Jason Brent, Arts '07

2.    Give back and you will always get more. Sergio Trujillo, Bus Ad '03

3.    Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Chris DeMeulenaere, PT '85

4.    Forget what you learned. Rewrite the rules. Challenge yourself. Find success. Improve the world. Garret Keefe, Arts '92

5.    Find a job that makes you happy. Quit a job that you hate. Shamika Johnson, Arts '08

6.    Do something that scares you. You'll grow more than you could ever have imagined. Joe Scannell, Arts '13

7.    No one gets out alive. Make mistakes. Have fun. Emily Na'ima Aileen

8.    Pay yourself first, 10% starting with very first paycheck. Don't touch until you're 70. Dan Kadlec, Arts '79

9.    When you make decisions, regardless of importance level, pray and listen to your heart. Benedetto Guido, Eng '76

10.     Never settle. Nikita Vilim, Comm '12

11.     Base your decisions on ethics before finances. It's better to have morals over things. Alyssa Lauren

12.     Hone your gut, your instinct, the inner voice.

 It is usually spot on. Peggy Dean Luckey, Arts '84

13.    Stay involved in life. What you have planned may not be the only road life leads you. So stay flexible, fun, focused at all stages in life. Not just in your 20s. And avoid negative people like the plague. Marcie Eanes, Jour '84

14.     Just do it. Katie Vertovec, Comm '10


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