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Two Minute Stories

She gets a Mulligan

In 1940, nursing student Joan Roets saw a Marquette Tribune headline trumpeting an achievement of student Jim Mulligan, Eng ’42. She recalls telling her girlfriends: “I should marry someone with such an easy Irish name.” Two years later, she met that very Irishman of her dreams when they shared a seat in a roadster to drive with a car full of friends to a concert in Menomonee Falls. They ended up sharing more than a seat  they shared 60 years of wedded bliss, until Jim passed away. “We were destined for each other,” says Joan, Nurs ’42, Grad ’68. “It was the luck of the Irish.”

Party of five

There are scads of legacies peopling Marquette’s family tree, but what family can boast about a surge like this one? The John, Eng ’82, and Tracy, Nurs ’82, Haberkorn family  5/8ths of it  will be electrical engineering students on campus this fall when incoming freshmen Kyle and Luke join Cody, a junior, and seniors Joel and Ryan in the corridors and classrooms of the College of Engineering. For those of you who aren’t counting, that’s five electrical engineers in training. Their sister, Lauren, a recent Butler University pharmacy grad, is also moving to Milwaukee for a job. John and Tracy admit the pull to Milwaukee and Marquette 30 years after graduating has never been stronger.

Poetry with Professor Pick

One sunny afternoon circa 1950, in a Quonset hut behind Johnston Hall, an English lit class led by iconic professor Dr. John Pick studied an iconic item. The students were grizzled WWII veterans, recalls Curtis Rode, Bus Ad ’52, in school thanks to the G.I. Bill. The subject of study was an old-fashioned fire extinguisher made of brass and chrome that hung on the wall. Pick told the class how the fire extinguisher related to John Keats’ poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn.” Rode says no one other than Pick could pull off such an association. “But, to this day,” he adds, “when I see a slick, red fire extinguisher, I think of that memorable afternoon.”

Dearly beloved

Rev. Bill Kelly, S.J., helped two youngsters tie the knot at Church of the Gesu back in August 1969. He got to relive that revelry recently with the then-bride and then-groom when they reconnected at a basketball tournament in Anaheim, Calif. Dr. Joan Marie (Strassheim) Chlebowski and Dr. Rowan Thomas Chlebowski, both Arts ’67, brought the wedding album to help blow the dust off those memories. The Chlebowskis went from Marquette to medical school and both became oncologists. Joan is retired and served two years in the Peace Corps as an AIDS educator. Rowan is chief medical officer at the UCLA Harbor Medical Center and lectures internationally on women’s health.

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Comment by Margot Alexander Willems Henderson at Jul 21 2014 10:40 pm
I was Joan's classmate. We were the first women to get a Master's degree from the Marquette Biology department!

I started out in Physiology graduate school. There were only 3 women in the entire medical school, and only 1 woman professor. When I transferred over to Biology, I met Joan and Rowan, and we spent a lot of time together! I was so glad to see this!
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