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Dentistry in Captivity

Dentistry in Captivity

Dr. John Scheels, Dent '75, eases toothaches and bruised beaks in species large and small. During the week Scheels is an ordinary dentist. But on his off hours, he's the dentist at the Milwaukee County Zoo and Chicago's Brookfield Zoo, where he performs root canals on polar bears, pulls infected teeth from lions, and mends broken beaks of exotic birds. More

Heading off a crisisSeeing deep inside the brainClassic Comeback     Fall 2006 Features

Heading off a crisis
Marquette makes history by admitting women and becomes, for a while, the nation's largest Catholic university. A 125th anniversary special feature.

Deep inside the brain
Health professionals come a long way to participate in this anatomy seminar.
Snow angel
There's no better time for telling stories than Christmas. Here's one just for you.

Classic comeback
The bells are back thanks to a project that's returning the carillon to its former glory.

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In Memoriam
Post Your Note
In Memoriam
Post Your Note
Post Your Note
Call him "Stinky feet"
We don't want to spread any rumors about Jim Cosgrove's personal hygiene, but the 1987 alumnus is known as Mr. Stinky Feet.

Leading Marquette alumni
It started with an ad in a community newspaper. The College of Business Administration was looking for mentors, and real estate consultant Douglas Kelley,

Bus Ad '79, stepped forward.

Leading Marquette Alumni

The finer points of law
Every job has its perks. For Barbara Anderson-Brown, Arts '91, it's the chance to discover an excellent Bordeaux.

The Finer Points of Law
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Pre-season All-American candidate Dominic James

Get the latest news about men's basketball, upcoming Big East games and all of Marquette's Division I sports teams.

Pre-season All-American Candidate Dominic James
  Professor of the Year
Marquette Today has big debut
Board's new chair
Shaped by Marquette
Kohler Co. chief talks business
Dwyane Wade recalls lessons
Bill Cords retires
Aspin Center honors Congressman John Lewis
Watch your TV
China delegation visits
Student wins national award
His world got bigger
Engage the world
Some Jottings: What Jesus asks
National Marquette Day

Rev. Robert A. Wild, S.J.

From President Robert Wild, S.J.
Last year I stirred up a little excitement when at a public forum I suggested that Marquette might well be led one day by a lay president. More

A Look Back

Mother Teresa of Calcutta came to Marquette to accept the Pere Marquette Discovery Medal.