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All programs listed are flexible in schedule and format, depending on the needs of the participating departments and/or individuals. Please use this menu of options as a springboard for thinking about how members of your staff might become more conversant with Marquette's mission, and how it might become the basis for their work and decision-making. Our office looks forward to working with you.

Foundations of Ignatian Spirituality and Jesuit Education

Goal: To engage participants in conversation about St. Ignatius, his Spiritual Exercises, and the dynamics of Jesuit education, in order to understand Marquette's mission and manage more effectively as a leader at Marquette
Overview: Twelve different topics with accompanying articles, plus
reflection questions that serve as the basis for dialogue facilitated by Mission and Identity staff
Commitment: Twelve sessions of 45 minutes to 1 hour, weekly
for twelve consecutive weeks or six sessions each semester
Participants: Maximum of 6-8 persons.

Heroic Leadership

Goal: To read and discuss the book, Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450 Year-old Company that Changed the World by Chris Lowney. The book deals with the Jesuits' enduring success, which rests on four core leadership values: self-awareness, ingenuity, love, and heroism.
Overview: The book's twelve chapters will serve as topics for discussion, focusing on the values that animate Jesuits and their Ignatian colleagues, and practical implications for one's leadership style.
Commitment: Six sessions of 45 minute to 1 hour, scheduled every three to four weeks
Participants: Maximum of ten persons.

How to Use Discernment in Planning and Running Meetings

Goal: Arranging meeting agendas so that two or three decision
items include a process for a leader to assist participants to come to a decision or conclusion in a discerning way.
Overview: There will be about ten minutes of input, followed by case
studies to practice group discernment.
Commitment: A one hour session.
Participants: Either a small or large group.

What Makes a Department or Office Jesuit?

Goal: To examine what values and attitudes coming from our mission
and Ignatian spirituality that can be incorporated into the workplace. How can we do this without proselytizing?
Overview: We will take Ignatian topics like "Finding God in all things,"
"Magis," "Men and Woman for Others," "Discerning God's Will," "For the Greater Honor and Glory of God" and examine how they can be translated into daily practice.
Commitment: Two one hour sessions.
Participants: Small or large group.

What does the Adjective Catholic Add to or Subtract from Marquette as a Jesuit University?

Goal: To explore the rich tradition of the Catholic intellectual heritage in
education and research, examine what limits Catholic Church
affiliation might impose, and discuss how to educate and make decisions with integrity between extreme positions of orthodoxy and liberalism
Overview: There will be readings along with discussion
Commitment: Three 90 minute sessions once a week, bi-weekly or monthly.
Participants: Six to eight persons.

An Introduction to Jesuit Education

Goal: To become familiar with the underlying principles of Jesuit
Overview: Readings and discussion will cover the some of the history of
of Jesuit Education, its philosophy and spirituality, and current
pedagogical practice.
Commitment: Three one hour sessions.
Participants: Any number


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