New Colleagues' Convocation

August 24, 2015, 8:00am, Monhaghan Ballrooms, Alumni Memorial Union

The Offices of Mission and Ministry and the Provost hold an all day seminar for all full time employees hired since August 18, 2014, where they will learn more about the history and importance of Jesuit Higher Education and Marquette University. Faculty and Staff will gain a clearer understanding of the Catholic and Jesuit tradition that characterizes and animates Marquette University. We at Marquette cherish this tradition and look forward to sharing it with you as you continue your service at the university.

Registration will soon be available.

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Marquette's Mission

Dedicated to serving God by serving our students, faculty, and staff, Marquette University contributes to the advancement of knowledge by searching for truth, discovering and sharing knowledge, fostering personal and professional excellence, promoting a life of faith, and developing service leadership in others.

At Marquette, we believe the pursuit of excellence is a lifelong endeavor and education needs to encompass the whole person, through formation of the mind and heart. We are committed to the unfettered pursuit of truth under the mutually illuminating powers of human intelligence and Christian faith. All members of the Marquette community, from every faith tradition, give concrete expression to these beliefs by giving of themselves in service to those in need.

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