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Howard McGary. The Post-Racial Ideal. ISBN: 978-0-87462-181-5. Aquinas Lecture 76 (2012). Cloth. 80 pp. $15. Withdrawn from sale.

The 2012 Aquinas Lecture, The Post-Racial Ideal, was delivered on Sunday, February 26, 2012, by Howard McGary. Prof. McDowell is a Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University.

Professor McGary’s research and teaching fields include: social and political philosophy, African American philosophy, and ethics, with a special focus on an examination of liberalism and problems concerning theories of compensatory justice, collective responsibility, and distributive justice, especially as theses theories relate to persons who have (or are experiencing) experienced discrimination and subjugation.

Dr. McGary serves on the editorial boards of the following publications: Encyclopedia of Ethics, The Journal of Ethics, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, The Philosophical Forum, and Social Identities. He is the Founder and Director of the Rutgers Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy. His publications include: My Larger Education, Howard McGary (introduction); Booker T. Washington (author), New York: Humanity Books, 2004; Race and Social Justice, Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 1999; Social Justice and Local Development Policy (Robert Mier with R.P. Giloth, K.J. Moe, L. Alpen, B. Harrison, H. McGary, Jr., I. Sherr, T. Vietorisz McGary photoand W. Wiewel), Sage Publications, 1993; Between Slavery and Freedom: Philosophy and American Slavery (with Bill E. Lawson), Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1992, and his essays have been published in numerous journals and volumes.

Professor McGary was invited to give the following Distinguished Lectures: “Group Solidarity and Racial Oppression,” The Audi Lecture, Department of Philosophy, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, September 2005; “Racial Assimilation and Institutions of a Complexional Character,” Keynote Speaker, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Interdisciplinary Association of Philosophy and Religious Studies Annual Conference, Cheyney University, Cheyney, PA, April 2004; “Racial Assimilation and the Dilemma of Racial Defined Institutions”, The Metcalfe Lecture, Department of Philosophy, Marquette University, September 2002; “Achieving Democratic Equality: Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Reparations,” The 14th Annual Warren Steinkraus Lecture on Human Ideals, Oswego State University, Oswego, New York, October 2001; “DuBois and the Problem of Leadership,” The 1996 Alain Locke Lecture, Howard University, Washington, D.C., April 1996; “Social Justice, Alienation, and the African-American Experience,” King-Chavez Memorial Lecture, Michigan State University, April 1993; and “Forgiveness,” Department of Philosophy, at the First Irving Thalberg Memorial Lecture, Department of Philosophy, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, February 1988.



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