30. Awakenings, by Gabriel Marcel. [Gabriel Marcel’s Autobiography]. Translated by Peter S. Rogers. Introduction by Patrick Bourgeois. ISBN 0-87462-653-6. ©2002. Paperbound. Index. 262 pp. $30

“The publication of this translation of Gabriel Marcel’s autobiography, En chemin, vers quel éveil? is timely because of the renewed relevance and importance of his life and work to the postmodern situation. The relation of his autobiography to his productive projects is clearly tied to the unifying thread of creativity, which, as the primary dimension of the mystery of being, gives rise to his music, drama, and philosophical reflection. This autobiography fosters the retrieval of the sense of the mystery of being, thus reorienting philosophy as an awakening of the creativity at the heart of this sense of being. His narrative is a serious and creative interpretation of the unified sense of his life and work.” — From the Introduction by Patrick Bourgeois

Fr. Peter S. Rogers, S.J., is on the faculty at Loyola University, New Orleans. He has published Proust: Speculative Scripture (Studies in Twentieth Century Literature, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1993), as well as an essay on "Paul Claudel" in European Writers: The Twentieth Century (Scribner's 1989). His translation (with Joseph Golsan) of a book by Alain Finkielkraut, Europe and the War in the Balkans, was published by Praeger in 1995. He is currently doing research on the nineteenth-century novel.




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