1. Suspects in custody after armed robbery

Two suspects are in the custody of the Milwaukee Police Department following an armed robbery of two Marquette students that took place about 9:30 p.m. yesterday, Aug. 17, in the 700 block of North 18th Street. The students immediately contacted the Department of Public Safety; based on the descriptions provided by the students and the use of DPS security cameras, Marquette officers and MPD were able to capture both suspects within minutes. The victims were not physically injured and their property was recovered and returned.

All Marquette students and employees are reminded to immediately call DPS to report any criminal or suspicious activity. Calls can easily be made from one of the nearly 300 blue light phones on or near campus or call DPS at 8-6800 (414-288-6800 off campus). In addition, students and employees are reminded to:

• Use the LIMO and safety patrol services provided by DPS. Call 8-6363 for SSP escorts.

• Make sure someone knows when you leave and when to expect you back.

• Walk in pairs or groups, being aware of your surroundings at all times.

• Do not become distracted by talking on your cell phone or listening to music through headphones at a high volume.

• Travel on well-lit, busy streets and avoid walking through alleys and parking lots. Be aware of places along your path of travel that could conceal a criminal (shrubbery, building recesses, etc.). Avoid or keep a distance from these areas whenever possible.

• Take note of suspicious vehicles, especially those that appear to be circling the block or driving unusually slow. If you observe a suspicious vehicle, relay its description and location to DPS.

• If you think someone is following you, cross the street. Head for a well-populated and well-lit area at night.

• If you plan to drink, do so in moderation to avoid putting yourself in a position of increased risk.

• If approached, give up your property.

• Campus and downtown are part of a growing city. Use your instincts and common sense as your first defense.

• Park in well-lighted areas, put valuables in your trunk and lock your car.

• At home, keep exterior doors locked at all times.

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2. Sobelmans Pub N Grill to open next week

Sobelmans Pub N Grill will open Sobelman's@Marquette Friday, Aug. 26. The restaurant will operate out of the space vacated by Angelo’s Pizza at the southwest corner of 16th and Wells, and will offer burgers, sandwiches and appetizers. Hours of operation will be from 11 a.m. to midnight Monday to Saturday and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday. Hours are expected to expand after the restaurant is granted a liquor license, which is anticipated in September, according to Dave Sobelman, owner of Sobelmans.

And a reminder that in November Marquette students and staff will have another new food option when the Broken Yolk opens a second location at 1617 W. Wells St.

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3. Follow Marquette updates online

Marquette community members can get information and stay up-to-date with Marquette happenings through multimedia and social networks. Connect with Marquette through:

Marquette on Twitter – in 140 characters or less.

Marquette’s Facebook page, as well as many Marquette departmental pages. More than 16,000 fans follow Marquette’s Facebook page.

• Marquette on foursquare to discover tips about places on campus, including historical trivia and campus activities.

Marquette News Center — RSS subscription available to receive university news announcements.

Marquette’s YouTube channel, where viewers can watch, rate and comment on videos about Marquette.

Videos of key thought leaders speaking on campus on the Difference Network.

Marquette photos on Flickr.

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4. Smoking prohibited within 25 feet of university buildings

Smoking is prohibited in all university buildings and within 25 feet of all building entrances and balconies to comply with Wisconsin Act 12, “Smoke-Free Wisconsin,” as well as to support campus health and safety. The university’s smoking policy also prohibits smoking in parking structures and university-owned vehicles and prohibits designating any indoor location as a “smoking area.”

Voluntary compliance is emphasized. However, anyone observing someone who is smoking in a no-smoking area is encouraged to courteously inform the smoker that he/she is in violation of the university’s smoking policy. Repeated violations by employees may be subject to the university’s progressive disciplinary policy; by students to the university’s student code of conduct.

Those who do smoke should also make sure they properly dispose of their cigarette butts in the receptacles provided throughout campus.

The Employee Wellness Program and Raynor Memorial Libraries have resources available.
For more information, contact Steve Duffy, associate vice president of administration, at 8-6897.

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