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Specialization / Certification
Health Services Research, Health Care Policy, Patient Safety

Highest Degree
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Brief Statement of Scholarly Interests
My program of research has focused on the organization of healthcare institutions and systems of care, and how that affects the work environment, the quality and safety of patient care, and patient outcomes. Early work focused on national policy regarding underserved populations, patient safety and quality improvement, and end-of-life care. Several recent investigations are describing the impact of nurse staffing levels on the quality of care; others are examining the working conditions and work environment effects on quality improvement processes and patient safety.

Titles of Courses Recently Taught

Selected Publications
(Selected from 21 publications)

2015 Bobay, K.L., Bahr, S.J., Weiss, M.E., Hughes, R.G., & Costa, L. Models of discharge care in MagnetÒ hospitals. Journal of Nursing Administration, 45(10), 485-491.

2015 Weiss, M.E., Bobay, K.L., Bahr, S.J., Costa, L., Hughes, R.G., & Holland, D.E. A conceptual model for hospital discharge preparation. Journal of Nursing Administration.

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American Nurses Credentialing Center, Title: READI Study: Readiness Evaluation And Discharge Interventions Study (Co-PI: Weiss, Bobay, Hughes, Costa, Yakusheva), 2014-2017.

Academic Success Program in Nursing (ASPIN). Health Resources and Services Administration. Title: Academic Success Program in Nursing (ASPIN). Program Evaluator.

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