Natural Family Planning


Couples Course Teaching Schedule for 2012

Schedule for 2013:

January 24; February 21; March 21; April 25; May 16; June 20; July 25; September 25; October 24; November 28 and December 19.

Schedule for 2014:

February 8; April 12; June 21; July 12; September 20; November 8.

All sessions will take place at 11am in the College of Nursing, room 112.

All Spanish sessions are arranged on a as needed basis.

Registration required for all classes.
To register, please contact Susana Crespo at (414) 288-3856 or e-mail

Marquette campus

Emory Clark Hall, Room 112

530 N. 16th St.


Registration Form

Forma de Registracion


All couples are encouraged to contact the NFP nurse with their first and six months of charting.

What can you expect: Group presentation and hands-on instruction to learn how to observe, monitor and chart your fertile signs. Classes are about one hour based on couples' needs.

Note: Couples are responsible for the purchase of the Clearblue Fertility Monitor.

Registration required for all classes!


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